The Affair is Exposed as Tina see’s her final day / Anna tells Owen the truth – Coronation Street News

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.Tina's confession sends Rita into a rage.
Peter confides in Steve after Tina asks Peter to run away with her, but has no intentions in leaving Carla.  Across the road Tina is spilling her guts to Rita, when Tina finally reveals about her affair with Peter it is greeted with a horrified slap from Rita.  Tina is in for more shocks when Carla reveals at Tracy Engagement party that she is regnant.  Later that night Tina is pushed from the top of Jasons builders yard and is
.Tina falls to the floor..
found with little life.  when Tina is taken to hospital and put on a life support machine the finger is firmly pointed at one person by all the residents.

Meanwhile, Owen decides to surprise Anna with a  night in a hotel for her birthday, as

.Peter sees Tina's body on the ground..
they sit their opening a bottle of wine images of the hotel visit with Phelan come flashing
back. Owen decides to confront Anna as to why she wont let him near her, when Anna refuse to answer him and asks to be taken home, Owen puts his foot down leaving Anna to tell a gobsmacked Owen everything.  With Owen needing time to think he tells Katy and Izzy he needs to get away, leaving
.Anna finally admits to sleeping with Phelan. ..
them confused as to why he is leaving to suddenly.

Also,Eva unwittingly lets slip to a shocked Gail that Leanne has been seeing Kal behind Nick’s back, Leaving Gal no option but to confront Leanne about it.

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