Syfy’s 12 Monkeys new TV Series first trailer lands

Published On July 18, 2014 » 709 Views» By Darren Dimmick » TV
Based on Terry Gilliam‘s acclaimed 1995 time-travel film 12 Monkeys, Syfy have now released the first trailer for there new TV series adaption.

The original which starred both Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt  was released to critical acclaim and went on to gross $168 million of the back of a $30 million budget.

Earlier in the new year we announced how Syfy were developing a 90 minute pilot for a new TV series which shortly followed with a full series order.

This new take on 12 Monkeys stars Aaron Stanford (Pyro in X-Men: The Last Stand) as Cole, Amanda Schull (Suits) as Stowe’s character Dr. Railly and Kirk Acevedo (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) as an apparent friend of Cole’s. From what we can make out in the trailer, Cole looks to be more of a volunteer this time around, and was evidently sent back in time by Railly herself.

It’s a complete reimagining,” co-executive producer Terry Matalas said (via THR). “We were all big fans of the original film and had a deep love and respect for the material. We didn’t want to just redo what the movie does. We wanted it to be grounded and closer to a thriller but that’s not to say we won’t play with tone.” Okay fair game, but what does the first trailer tell us? Well, the plot is very similar—man travels to past to eradicate plague—and there is general vibe that seems similar, which is hardly surprising, but if the series is looking to stake out its own claim on the material, it might have to work a bit harder.

Syfy is due to bring the series to us in January 2015, in the meantime enjoy the trailer below.


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