Strike Back Season 5 The Final Mission – Is it really the end ?

Published On January 31, 2014 » 24072 Views» By Darren Dimmick » TV

strike back season 5Although it is with joy I let all our readers know that Strike Back will be returning for a 5th season ( or 4th if your in the US), it is with great sadness that I bring you the news that it will be their final season.

Season 5 will be shoot in both europe and Asia with filming starting in the next few weeks.  Strike Back was a Sky 1 original drama and after season 2 ( 1 in the US) became the first joint venture between Sky and the Cinemax/HBO.  The US are currently airing season 1 of Strike Back under the title of Strike Back: Origins.

It is expected that the 10 part final season will air in the summer this year ( 2014)

According to both Sky and Cinemax, season 4 had a huge following with excellent rating. With each series being based around a different mission, we at My Gezza can’t work out why they have already announced it as their final season, as it’s not like with some programs ( Breaking Bad Springs to mind) that at some point, it will have to end due to the nature of the story.

What do you all think let us know your thought in the comments section below.

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21 Responses to Strike Back Season 5 The Final Mission – Is it really the end ?

  1. J D says:

    Its a shame that such a great program will come to an end when there are so many other shows on TV that go on and on and dont even come close to how amazing Strike Back is :(

  2. Mon Macatangay says:

    what a sad news strike back 5 will be the final season… I wish the producer and director have a change of heart and come out with a new and exciting action series…

  3. mygezza says:

    We totally agree with you both strike back is the best high octane program on tv and will leave a void which needs to be filled

  4. Melody Spohn says:

    Best show on tv today

  5. Walter says:

    If strike back is going to leave Cinemax what other reason will I have to continue to keep Cinemax!!!

  6. lUDJERO says:

    one of the best show I am proud of such tv serie coz it help us to understand many things , such beautiful minds and love scenes really original without filter , this program should go until season 10 , with multiple change of crew and writers , definitely it is worth to watch

  7. Nash says:

    Strike back is a brilliant.definitely should carry on with the series love watching it just waiting for season 5 to start

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  9. Darren Dimmick says:

    Strike will now not air until January 2015.

  10. Sol Aloma says:

    where can I watch this online guys

  11. su says:

    we are waiting for S05…..

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  13. michel says:

    i am a big fan of strike back and i dont know why they want to end it. people like this serie. also i dnt know why they like to kill off character in this film, like the lady major or the black british major.
    by the way i met him on the train and i had a chat with him, i asked him if he was returning to the series in a plot where we didnt know he had a twin brother etc.. but he said he has other projects
    all in all its a good serie, and series like CSI , ncis, or criminal minds have done more than 10 season and they keep attracting viewers. you carry on until viewers are fed up, but if you do a survey people will tell you they like it. it’s a good serie, still dont know why they want to stop at season 5. there are so many plots to explore for more seasons.

  14. clint says:

    Strike back has been one of the most captivating one hour programmes on tv to date. I really hope that the producers reconsider their stands on ending at season 5 as their viewership continues to grow per episode. I will truely miss this programme , please reconsider!!!

  15. Morty Snerd says:

    I’m not a Brit but bloody hell. One of the few things worth watching.

  16. Mina T says:

    This is a super TV series. Worth watching. With terrorism on the rise , this series need not end now. Why do they stop good shows n carry on with lame ones….

  17. terry w says:

    although scott and stone bridge couldnt carry on , why not introduce new characters as in season 2. scott was not originally in the show but section 20 carries on?

  18. Bas W says:

    Season 6 option : Michael and Damien are living a ‘normal’ life, Finn joins the military but get captured somewhere and then the two go free him, maybe with some help from Martinez. Also optional that at the end they kill Ridley.
    Then season 7 could be about the new squad formed by those 4 and some new members, and so on until season 10 where Finn and Michael both become dad, and then they all retire after an exciting last batte/episode and get the rest they deserve.

    – Another option is that they make a movie to end with, like with Entourage.

    *I hope Sky/Cinemax/HBO reads this :)

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