Steve is accused of having an affair with Andrea whilst the Windasses face financial ruin – Coronation Street News

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With the truth being revealed about Andrea husband she turns to Steve in tears , telling him how much she loves Lloyd and asking him to try to talk him round. As Steve gives Andrea a hug, Neil watches from a distance. Suspecting Steve of being Andrea’s other man, Neil gets into his cab to go the  airport, Neil quizzes Steve about his private life and asks him if he ever plays away. Steve is unnerved and is glad to see the back of him.

Later,Andrea’s husband Neil pushes his way into the bar. To Andrea’s horror, Neil confronts Steve, accusing him of having an affair with Andrea.  Lloyd steps forward and explains to Neil that he’s the ‘other man’, not Steve. He adds that Andrea has been lying to both of them and he never wants to see her again.

Neil then follows Andrea into The Kabin and begs her to come home. However, Andrea tells him that even though Lloyd might not want her, their marriage is over. Andrea then calls in the cab office. Locking the door, she perches on Lloyd’s desk and insists they talk things through. Will Lloyd agree?

Meanwhile, Peter is depressed that he hasn’t heard from his dad since his arrest, but Deirdre admits to Tracy that she hasn’t told Ken about Peter’s predicament. Later, when Deirdre opens a letter asking Ken to attend a WW1 commemoration ceremony, she unearths Uncle Albert’s military medal. Tracy is unimpressed until Deirdre mentions it’s worth a lot of money.

Elsewhere, Owen receives a letter stating he is going to be made bankrupt, as the family rally around to deal with it together, Owen warns Gary that they might get a visit from some bailiffs and they need to be vigilant. However, when the bailiffs call at Number 6, Faye unwittingly lets them in. As the bailiffs help themselves to Owen and Anna’s belongings, the family watch in horror. Is there anything Owen can do to stop them?

Also, as Rita and Dennis grow closer, Norris is quietly fuming and moans to Mary about how Dennis is playing Rita like a fiddle, only she can’t see it.

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