Steve hits rock bottom and Tim’s Secret is out – Coronation Street

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As Tim and Anna share a laugh in the café, Sally enters and clocks their intimacy. When Sophie and Maddie then see Tim slipping through the backdoor of Number 6 carrying a bunch of flowers, they break the news to Sally.

Seething with rage, Sally accuses Tim and Anna of having an affair and storms out in tears before they can explain. Tim chases after Sally but Sophie and Maddie bar his way. A furious Sally then starts lobbing Tim’s possessions out of the bedroom window, shouting abuse at Anna.

In desperation, Tim shouts up to Sally, telling her that Anna has been teaching him to read and he is embarrassed. Time is touched when Faye offers to help her dad read, but will Sally be

so forgiving.

Meanwhile, as Michelle prepares for the hoedown party she is organising, it’s clear that she is going to get no help from hungover Steve. Desperate to avoid Michelle, Steve sneaks back to the Bistro and guiltily orders up a cocktail. Steph is amused to see him back again.

Later, Eileen moans to Liz and Michelle about how Steve failed to turn up for his Street Cars shift and nobody can get hold of him. Over at the Bistro, Steph is short-staffed and Steve insists on helping out behind the bar. But how will Steve explain himself when Michelle calls in the Bistro and finds him working there?

Knowing he’s in the dog house, Steve apologises to Michelle and explains that he simply fancied a change of scene. He promises it won’t happen again and when he offers to help at the hoedown, Michelle tha

Later, when Steve spots a sports car parked at the garage, he ignores Kevin’s words of caution and makes a rash decision to buy it. Calling in the Bistro, he excitedly tells Steph how he bought a sports car and insists she joins him for a spin. As Michelle prepares to set off for the hoedown, will Steve let her down again?

Michelle confides in Liz and Tony that she loves Steve to bits, but

she is at the end of her tether. Desperate to save their relationship, she books a weekend in the Lakes, telling Steve they’ll go in his new car and he needs to be ready for 3pm.

Liz warns Steve that if he doesn’t buck his ideas up he’s going to lose Michelle and he only has himself to blame. However, when Michelle finds Steve sitting in his car, showing no interest in going to the Lakes, she finally snaps and begs him to tell her what’s wrong. Will Steve be able to explain his emptiness?

Elsewhere, Carla moans about how hard it is proving to find a trainee manager, Alya overhears and asks if she can apply for the job. As Alya prepares for her interview, Leanne warns her how scary Carla can be. Carla interviews Alya. Alya describes

her passion for upmarket underwear, but then realises that Underworld aims at a much lower market and worries she has blown it. When Kal begs Carla to give Alya a chance as she’d be an asset to her business, Alya is mortified. How will Carla react?

Also, when Dev laments to Mary that he has been invited to a posh birthday party but has no-one to go with, Mary insists she’ll be his plus one. Dev has little choice but to agree.  When Mary later has to cancel Dev escorts Julie to the party at the posh hotel.  He introduces Julie to his golfing friend Dominic and they hit it off immediately. Dev is quietly jealous, especially when Dominic and Julie exchange phone numbers.

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