Statham set to appear in Crank 3

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Crank 3 in the works.
It seems that we may get to see Jason Statham in a 3rd outing of Crank, with the premises of the movie set.

It has been 6 years since the release of Crank High Voltage, and 9 years since the original saw Statham take on the wakey role.

In a recent interview with Entertainment weekly, Statham gave an update on where they were with movie.

We’ve been talking for years about Crank 3. The first Crank, for me, was such a great experience. It’s a wacky few weeks that you have with such talented directors [Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor]. There’s no rules when you’re doing the Crank movies. We just keep going: “How are we going to get this off the ground?” They have a loose idea. They haven’t written the script.
Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have not directed a film since 2012’s GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE but Neveldine’s solo effort THE VATICAN TAPES is slated to premiere this year. Their talents are greatly suited to the CRANK films and even if it doesn’t set the box office ablaze it is assured to turn a profit.

Although Crank is a movie franchise that is loved by many a Statham fan, for me its one of the few movies I find harder to enjoy.  I would of much rather see him reprise his role as Frank Martin in the transporter, rather than letting the role go to ED Skirein in this years expected reboot.

None the less a Statham movie is a Statham Movie, so we should be grateful he continues to make them.

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