Stan make a shocking proposal, whilst Sonia finds love in Tina – Eastenders

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..A terrified Stan tells Tina he can't feel his legs..
Stan decides to treat his family while Mick and Linda are on holiday, telling them that he is taking them all to the dogs for the evening. However, when they react negatively to the idea, he decides to invite Cora instead.

Once back home, Stan’s day takes a turn for the worse when he collapses and loses feeling in his legs. An ambulance arrives to pick him up, but he refuses to let his family come with him and asks Shirley for the money he lent to Dean back. Stan asks Cora to go with him but gets upset when she refuses. At the hospital,

..Stan is taken to hospital .
the tension between the Carters continues, until Stan reveals some devastating news.

Stan’s family are losing patience with his behaviour and he demands to go into a care home. Tina pleads with Shirley to find the money to give back to Stan, but Shirley refuses. With a different approach clearly needed, Tina takes a chance and makes a call asking for help.

..Tina finally loses her temper with Stan.
Later, Sonia can see the reasons for Stan’s behaviour and tells Tina that a hospice might be the best option for him. Tina then makes one last attempt to get through to Stan, but she finally snaps when he refuses to listen. As Tina storms out, Aunt Babe makes an appearance – could she be the one to make a breakthrough with Stan.

Stan takes his anger out on his hospital room-mate Cyril, but his day improves when Tina pays a visit and apologises for their recent row. Things get even better for Stan when Cora turns up to see him, but Aunt Babe makes it obvious that she isn’t pleased by

.Stan waits for an answer..
her presence. Tension rises between the two ladies, but after an upsetting incident at the hospital, Babe opens up to Cora.

Later, Tina arrives at the hospital as Stan has called her with a request. Afterwards, Cora returns and apologises for leaving earlier. Once they’re alone, Stan takes a chance and proposes to Cora. She is clearly surprised, but will she accept or decline?

Elsewhere, Shabnam ignores Kush’s calls after last

.Masood reveals the disappointing outcome of his meeting...
week’s events and asks Masood for his help to deal with the situation. Masood steps in and warns Kush to back off. Later, Masood heads off to a meeting to discuss buying the Argee Bhajee. On the way, he bumps into Patrick and is asked to go to the bookies to bet on the races on his behalf. When Masood’s meeting doesn’t go well, he decides to take a risk

When Shabnam returns to work, she is upset to spot Kush buying flowers for someone. Has he already moved on from Shabnam.

.Sonia and Tina kiss..
Tamwar and Shabnam confide in each other about their relationship fears as they spend the day together. Shabnam feels more positive after the heart-to-heart, so she decides to face Kush by attending Donna’s party at the pub. Shabnam is worried about Kush’s drunken behaviour at the event and when she takes him outside, he drops a bombshell.

Meanwhile, Rebecca’s behaviour is becoming a cause for concern, especially when she gets sent home from school. With Martin struggling, he swallows his pride and asks Sonia for help. After Martin and Sonia put on a united front to talk to Rebecca, Martin is given new hope for their future. He tells Kush that he thinks their relationship could work again, so he goes to find Sonia.

Sonia suggests a family dinner but Martin makes an excuse not to go. Later, Sonia bumps into Tina and they discuss their latest kiss. They come clean about their feelings and Sonia suggests that they should give their relationship a try. Tina is overjoyed and agrees, but she wants to keep it a secret.

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