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.Sonny visits Theresa in prison ..
When Jason makes posters to find Cindy, Holly suggests holding a fundraiser to pay for a private detective. Jason tells her he loves her and she says it back. The steroids are all gone, but Stan approaches Jason back at the boat, and demands them back.

When Peri and Nico go to The Loft, Cameron finds out that Stan sold Peri a pill, but can he stop her from doing something reckless?

When Freddie visits and winds him up, Joe finds himself admitting Lindsey’s plan. Then Joe lunges at Freddie and two guards have to pull them apart. Meanwhile, Lindsey pleads with Mercedes to help her find the missing bullet that will clear Joe’s name. Mercedes then tells Freddie that she handed the bullet into the police, then follows him home when he goes to check if it is still where he hid it. After, Mercedes sends Lindsey a taped confession from Freddie about killing Fraser-but will their plan backfire?

.Hollyoaks: 3937: 2014-08-26..
Blessing surprises Dennis by deciding to see her parents before her operation. When she meets with her consultant she covers up her latest self-harm wound. Then she is delighted when Dennis throws a surprise party for her in The Dog. At the party, when Sienna sees Dodger and Mercedes flirting, she fakes a mugging and Dodger runs to her aid. Later, Blessing passes out due to her injury, leaving everyone concerned. Dennis asks Dodger to bring some of Blessing’s stuff to the hospital, but he gets there to find Maxine is there too. Surprise that Dodger has turned up at the boarding house, Maxine tells him that she is not staying for long. Sienna is also surprised when Patrick returns, annoyed that Dodger has been staying at his flat. Sienna announces that she is moving out too, as Patrick puts his son’s belongings into a bin bag. However, as part of her bowel conditions, she has to stay at his flat or face prison. Then Sienna slips over as Patrick grabs her and bangs her head in a cabinet. she uses this as leverage against her father.

Finally, at Cindy’s fundraiser, Stan gives Jason another day. Then, when Dirk gives him the donation money to look after, Jason is tempted


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