Channel 4 Hostages Cancelled for season 2 , Revolution season 3 unlikely.

Published On April 4, 2014 » 5251 Views» By Darren Dimmick » Headlines, TV

Yes you read it right Hostages will not be back for a second season, in the UK Hostages opened with only 1.3 million viewers, and averaged 5 million viewers across the whole season over on CBS in the US.

With Channel 4 hoping this was going to be their next Homeland, they must be truly disappointed with the opening episodes performance, compared to Homeland opening episode of 2.3 million views.

What did it lack? well in the UK, I would certainly say it lacked enough exposure prior to it airing. If they had of promoted it for a couple of months prior to its launch like Sky One have done recently with the new series The smoke, then it would have created a greater buzz and intrigue.  All in all I have to say hostage has so far been a great series and kept me hooked week after week.

So on the news Hostages has been canceled there are also rumours and although I say rumours, the are strongly founded rumours that revolution is set to get the axe.  Season 2 was commissioned after the first couple of episode got of to a flying start but after episode 4 in season 1, viewing figures started to dwindle.  By the time season 2 came on it had already lost its pull to bring the views back even though the story has got that much better.

So for me this is an unhappy article to be having to write, with both these show being firm favorites of mine.

The good news is Dracula has not been renewed either, even I actually switched that one off after episode 2 hence my headline after the first episode was  “SKY LIVINGS DRACULA CAN IT GET ANY WORSE – EPISODE 2 PREVIEW”( you can see it here)

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