Sienna will do anything to stay out of Jail, John Paul has some shocking news. – Hollyoaks News

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.Sienna seduces Rick..
Sienna proves that she is willing to do whatever it takes to stay out of  jail. Desperate for answers, she asks Rick to go out for a drink, and they end up kissing. When a face from his past, Gazza, finds him and gives him 24 hours to get him what he is owed, Rick is left shaken up.

Sinead flirts with electrician Daryl, at The Hutch, to make Tony jealous because she is worried that her plan is failing. it works when Tony, unable to resist temptation anymore, kisses Sinead. Tony is then left astounded when Sinead ups her game.

At the Adult Learning Centre, where John Paul starts his new job

..Sinead makes Tony jealous.
as a teacher, he is shocked to find Danny there too. They have been double booked for the same class-meanwhile Nana urges Ste to go after John Paul, when she realizes he has feelings for him. But when Ste sees Danny and John Paul looking friendly in the village, he thinks it could be too late.

When Danny and John Paul attempt to support Ste with his drug problem, Ste is left shocked at John Paul’s shocking revelation that he hid the gun for him. It doesn’t help that their conversation is overheard…

Who has heard John Paul and Ste's conversation?.
Patrick tells Leela that Peri didn’t turn up at school. Peri goes to the McQueen’s, where Nico is hiding. Sienna is delighted to finally find her daughter, and is then horrified when Nico tells her that Patrick told her to stay away. Then Leela sees Peri from the window when she’s walking past.

John Paul and Ste are under pressure, while Sam is hot on the trail of Fraser’s murderer.

Elsewhere, the boys find Sandy at the bus stop, after she leaves a note at the Roscoes’, saying she’s had enough of the fighting. She says she is leaving the village and not coming back, but can they change her mind?

Finally, will Nana win back the McQueen’s home?

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