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.Cameron and Ziggy support Leela..
When Myra returns John Paul is stunned, and then she goes to the boarding house to urge Carmel to move back to the Mcqueens with Kathleen-Angel. But Carmel makes a shock announcement-her, Sonny and Kathleen-Angel are moving away, she only came back to get her things.

A guilty Ste tells Tony that he cheated on John-Paul.

Trevor fears for Grace when he finds a box on his desk containing a lock of blonde hair.

Esther threatens to sack George for standing up to her as she turns into the boss from hell, but he quits anyway.

Cameron decides that Peri should live with Leela, not at the boarding house with him. Later, Leela, Ziggy and Peri are scared when they get a threatening letter through the door.

.The Lomax girls hope for some information..
When the Lomax girls issue a police appeal to find the driver who killed their parents, Ziggy and Cameron are by their sides.

Elsewhere, when Vincent returns, Phoebe is surprised when he tells her that he came to take George to London with him.

Then, when everyone gathers at the court to hear Finn’s plea, they are all shocked when he pleads not guilty.

Will the source of Esther’s secret fortune be revealed?

After lying that George isn’t interested in going to London, Phoebe tries to hide Vincent, but her efforts backfire when George and Vincent see each other.

.Sienna takes action..
Meanwhile, Ziggy is caught red-handed.

Patrick stops Sienna as she tries to escape the boiler room. Then, he sees Maxine and Dodger heading to the hospital and tells them they will regret cutting him out of his baby’s life. Maxine gives in and invites Patrick to her next scan. At the same time, Sienna disconnects a pipe in the boiler room and, with water gushing out, hopes someone will find her.

Myra encourages Dirk to visit Cindy in the psychiatric ward, but when he does, he is heartbroken when all she talks about is Rhys.

Is Nancy’s affair with Rick about to be exposed?

Finally, Tony must decide where his loyalties lie…

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