Sarah Platt returns, whilst Faye goes into Labour and who is Carla new love interest – Coronation Street

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Sarah arrives at the Platts
Bethany is unimpressed after being forced to work at the Bistro for the day for free. As Gail tries to lay down the law, suddenly the front door flies open and Sarah storms in.

Bethany cowers as Sarah tears a strip off her, revealing the truth behind Bethany’s sudden arrival in Weatherfield, Sarah continues to tear a strip off Bethany, furious at her behaviour in Milan. An unrepentant Bethany picks up an ornament and hurls it at Sarah. Gail, Michael, Audrey and David

atch open-mouthed as the argument escalates

When Jason later finds a tearful Bethany on Maxine’s bench. Bethany moans about her life in Milan and how Sarah ignores her most of the time. When Sarah finds Bethany upset, they finally have a heart to heart. Bethany begs Sarah to let them stay in Weatherfield, adamant that she doesn’t want to return to Milan. Realising how unhappy Bethany is, will Sarah agree they can stay?

Meanwhile, Tony tells Liz and Michelle that the money has come through from the house sale and he has paid off Steve’s tax bill. Michelle nervously breaks the news to Steve, but Steve is grateful and she is relieved by his reaction. At the same time, Tracy hassles Tony about the money, telling him her plans for expanding the business. Tony lies, making out the money hasn’t come through yet. However, as they all attend Amy’s recorder recital at school, Steve thanks Tony for lending him the money. When Tracy realises what
Tony has done she is furious with Tony for lending Steve the money behind her back, Tracy threatens to reveal their affair. Desperate to keep her quiet, Tony explains to Liz and Michelle how Tracy had hoped he would put the money into their business and he has let her down.

When Carla arrives back from LA and surprises Tracy with a gift from her trip. Jealous of Carla’s success, Tracy resolves to improve her own business. Later, dressed to kill, Tracy calls in The Rovers and winds Tony up, making out that she is going to meet a new

supplier and she doesn’t need him. Tony is put out.

Elsewhere, Tim and Sally quiz Craig over his relationship with Faye. Craig assures them Faye is just a good friend, but will they realise there is more to it?

Later Owen is thrilled when he lands a building job. Anna offers to cook a special meal to celebrate, but Owen suggests an early night. Anna recoils, clearly still awkward around Owen, and insists they go for a drink instead.

At the same time, Craig and Faye hide out in the corner shop flat. Craig plucks up the courage to tell Faye that her crazy plan regarding the baby is never going to work. However, he is thwarted when she clutches her tummy and tells him the baby is coming.

Faye is scared witless as she goes into labour. Craig is desperate to call an ambulance, but Faye bans him from doing so. As Sally and Tim sit with Anna and Owen in The Rovers, a frightened Faye realises she is out of her depth and screams at Craig to find her mum.

As Craig searches in vain for Anna, Sophie finds the flat door open and makes her way up the stairs. Sophie is horrified to find Faye in pain. As Owen and Anna head home, a clearly-distressed Craig approaches and drags them to the corner shop flat. Owen and Anna are shocked to the core to find Faye giving birth. Sophie assures them that she has called an ambulance.
Faye is scared and wracked with pain. Anna does her
best to take control and assures Faye that she loves her no matter what. Owen then breaks the news to a gobsmacked Tim and Sally that Faye is having a baby. As Anna, Sophie and Sally fuss round an exhausted Faye, Tim tries to reassure her.

With Faye in the ambulance, Anna turns on Craig, but Faye reveals that she swore Craig to secrecy and tells Anna to leave him alone. Upset, Craig heads home where he tells Beth and Kirk about Faye, insisting that the baby isn’t his. At the hospital, Anna berates herself for failing to realise that Faye was

pregnant. As Faye gives birth to a baby girl, how will the terrified teen cope?

Also, when Carla has problems with her laptop, she asks Nick over to the flat to sort it out. Nick proves hopeless at fixing Carla’s computer, but they share a bottle of wine and enjoy each other’s company.

Finally, Callum calls at Number 8 with a game for Max. David is cool towards him and Sarah guesses that he is Max’s dad. Later, Sarah takes Bethany shopping in town. Recognising the girls from earlier, Callum approaches them. Sarah is curt but Bethany lets slip that David is her uncle. As Sarah waits outside a boutique for Bethany, she is startled when the rebellious teen flies out of the door chased by security, having been caught shoplifting. Callum advises Sarah not to go after her and insists she gets in his car.

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