Ross is blackmailed in to doing a robbery, Whilst Jai and Leyla become more than friends – Emmerdale News

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After Finns ordeal James finally bring him home. But later Ross arrives back at his home and is terrified to see Gary North waiting for him. Ross punches him when he realises that he was behind Finn’s attack, but Gary makes it clear that he has to pay a price for his family’s safety – he has to agree to do a job for him. Ross tells him that he has a dodgy cop on his side. When Ross tells Donna the news she devises a plan to get rid of Gary by planting drugs at his home, but when a police raid is carried out nothing is to be found. Later when she returns home, she catchs Gary talking to April and is soon threatening Donna.

When Ross concedes and ends up doing a job for Gary, he

turns to Adam for help
with the job and with Gary offering £50’000 to just retrieve an envelope Adam is at first interested, but will he go though with it when he realise Gary is the reason for Fins nearly dying and will he tell anyone else.

Elsewhere, Dan realises how much he misses Kerry and is gutted to learn she is in Alicante, so Debbie sends him on a driving job to Europe to take his mind off his failed marriage.

Meanwhile, Katie tells Andy that he has to tell Bernice about their relationship. However, Bernice is still hopeful about winning Andy back and pays Adam to stay out of the house that evening. Dressed in a very sexy outfit, Bernice awaits the return of Andy. Her magic moment backfires when Andy

arrives home with Katie and a humiliated Bernice reacts badly, tipping a pan of spaghetti carbonara over her head.

Also, as Megan and Jai start to argue, Jai starts to flirt with Leyla making Megan jealous over how close they are becoming. Later, Rakesh overhears Jai slagging him off to David and tells Jai not to push away his family like he did his son. Jai snaps and throws a punch at Rakesh, but it’s David who feels the brunt of it. Humiliated, Jai goes to Megan’s office but finds Leyla there instead, when things start to become steamy. After the occasion they both start to feel guilty but when they both meet again and agree it was a one off will the passion get the better of them both.

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