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When Robert learns that Andy has been given his father Jack’s wedding ring, which is going to be melted down into two rings, he storms out in a fury. Aaron tracks down Robert, who climbs into his car and tells him to drive anywhere. Aaron tries to get to the bottom of Robert’s upset.

Soon Robert is uncomfortable when Aaron takes him to a gay bar. Robert’s frustrations over Andy continue to build, so later he makes a revengeful phone call.

Later, Robert panics when Chrissie suddenly recognises Ross’s voice from the robbery and wants to call the police. A desperate Robert tries to calm her, knowing that he has to act fast.

When Robert explains that Chrissie knows, Ross vows to drop him in it if she calls the police. Soon Ross and Robert are slugging it out. Bitter that Robert prevented her from reporting Ross to the police, Chrissie has now filled Lawrence in on what has happened. Robert naively hopes he has the situation under control, but things begin to slide when Chrissie returns home from the salon where she was fully filled in on Ross’s previous crimes.

Chrissie is now certain that Ross was behind their robbery and prepares to call the police. Robert immediately rushes to warn Ross and Aaron. As Ross packs to leave, Finn arrives and Ross tells him the truth just as the police burst in.

Robert is uneasy when Lawrence hints that he has his own plans to deal with Ross and soon the Bartons realise something is awry. The local abattoirs are rejecting their business, there is an unannounced inspection at the garage and a tax enquiry occurs. It’s clear foul play is at hand.

It’s Pete who makes the connection that their family is being targeted due to Ross. As Ross tries to defend himself, Lawrence reveals that it is he who is behind the Bartons’ troubles and warns they will continue until Ross admits the truth. Just how far will Lawrence go to expose Ross?

Ross returns home to find Lawrence throwing his belongings into a fire, including a picture of Donna. Ross goes to attack Lawrence just as Robert arrives and pulls them apart. When

Lawrence finds Ross’s phone, it’s clear he has hit a nerve. Lawrence smiles – enjoying seeing him sweat.

Lawrence passes the phone to Robert, urging him to destroy it, but Robert is conflicted. Robert finally makes a decision and drops the phone on the floor before smashing it. Chrissie warns Ross that she will get him one day. Ross seethes and grows tired of Pete as he blames him for their recent trouble. Ross has seen how much damage Lawrence caused in such little time and it has given him food for thought.

Meanwhile, an excited Moira arrives home with Adam. As they catch up over a pint, Adam is shocked to hear about Aaron’s dealings with Ross. As Adam, Aaron, Andy, Moira and James enjoy a few drinks, Ross arrives and makes it clear that he isn’t going to make Adam’s return easy. Later, Adam tells Victoria that he thought about her a lot in prison and insists he will win her back, whatever it takes.

Elsewhere, Jai is unconvinced that Archie’s party is a good idea, but Megan insists it will ease relations with Ali. At the party, Megan arrives with a present she says has been sent by Rachel. All are blown away by this including Jai, who then worries that

she might be back. But later Megan makes a confession to Jai.

Also,unemployed Harriet is disappointed when Marlon cancels their counselling session, but is left curious when Eric suggests she can help with something. Eric reveals to Finn and Victoria that he has found a private detective to search for Finn’s mum – Harriet! While Harriet is confident that she can help, is Finn ready? And what would Ross say if he knew

Finally, Nicola agrees that Bernice needs to move out, but Jimmy is thrown that he has to break the news to her.


Nicola insists Jimmy needs to find new work premises. Later, Charity finally agrees to find somewhere else for the work party but dreads having to ask. Where has she got in mind?

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