Ross and Debbie get closer as they complete a robbery, Will Donny take Lachlan ? – Emmerdale

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James is grateful but wary of the consequences when Pete says he can stay with him and Debbie. Later, Debbie is caught in the middle when Pete forces her to let James stay. Debbie finally convinces Chas to go on a night out, but how will Chas react to learn where James is staying? Debbie also warns Ross to stay away from Aaron.

Debbie is pleased to have Ross agreeing with her over Pete’s decision to let James move in with them. Later,

Val tells Debbie that James and Emma’s affair has been going on for ages. In the pub, Debbie and Emma argue and Debbie loses it, blurting Emma’s darkest secret to the whole Woolpack.

Elsewhere, Lachlan worries it’s down to him that Donny got beaten up, but Robert doesn’t buy Donny’s story. Donny is determined to get himself out of his financial hole and uses Chrissie in his latest idea, but a flat tyre thwarts his plan.

With Charlie still on his back for cash, Donny tries a

new tack. Using Lachlan’s fear that bullies are on his case, Donny forms a new plan, suggesting to a thrilled Lachlan that he can come and live with him in Scotland.

Donny insists that Lachlan needs a fresh start and tells Lawrence that Lachlan will always be known as ‘the pervy kid’ if he stays. Lawrence takes this in and talks over his dilemma with Edna, who offers him food for thought.

Later, Donny is frightened after yet another

menacing phone call from Charlie. Soon Lawrence makes a decision to back Donny’s idea and offers him financial support to help with Lachlan’s move. Donny cannot believe his luck. However, when Aaron tells Robert that Donny owes money to someone called Charlie, Donny shows his true colours.

Still worrying about Lachlan’s move, Chrissie starts concocting a plan to get rid of Donny. When Donny tells Chrissie that he and Lachlan are leaving on Friday, her anger boils over. Suddenly Donny’s phone

rings and he goes pale, realising it’s Charlie. Donny scuttles out to take the call as Chrissie watches him suspiciously.

When Donny returns, he ups the ante by demanding money and making threats, but Chrissie holds tight and refuses his demands. Fuelled by anger, she is now more determined than ever to stop Donny in his tracks and calls Ross over to ask whether he wants to earn ten grand.

Chrissie tells Donny that she has left the ten grand up

in his room, but Robert is curious and wonders what she is planning. Chrissie and Ross then go over the plan. Ross informs her that he will have an accomplice and tricks Debbie into helping him.

Soon afterwards, Ross and Debbie arrive at the hotel, where Ross confesses to Debbie what is really happening. She refuses to help and is angry that he has brought her there. Ross heads to do the job alone and is about to intercept the money exchange when

Donny tries to hand it over to Charlie. Back outside the hotel, Debbie is walking away but when she sees Charlie and his armed accomplice arrive, she realises the scale of danger and turns back to help. At the same time, Chrissie tells Robert about her plan, emphatic that it needs to work.

Back at the hotel, things have become tense. Ross has grabbed the money, but both he and Debbie are being pursued by the angry men. It’s a dangerous situation as Ross drags Debbie into a room to escape them. Slamming the door they hope they have lost them, but now they are trapped…

Debbie starts to enjoy Ross’s company and he confides in her about Donna. He tells her that in life, you just have to go after what you want – never mind the consequences. Later, after a tense chase when they flee, Ross lays it all on the line for Debbie. Will he get what he wants?

Finally, Belle is happy to be working at the factory, but she is totally unaware that it’s only work experience and she’s not being paid. Lisa tells Jai that she will pay Belle out of her own wages and discreetly pops £20 in an envelope for her. Later Lisa is left very worried about how long she can keep it up.

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