Ross and Aaron rob Home Farm on Roberts orders – Emmerdale News

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Jai asks Priya to help at the factory so he can spend more time with Archie. Ali changes tack when she realises that she can’t afford legal action against Jai and offers to support him, if he lets her see her nephew. Jai is not convinced until Megan gives him food for thought.

Nicola is ecstatic to be offered the estate manager job and Jimmy is chuffed that his plan works. Nicola agrees that Rodney can stay for a bit, but Jimmy soon finds out that Nicola’s baby-making plan is far from over

Robert drowns his sorrows after learning that Nicola got the job. Ross spots him leaving his car keys behind and swipes them. While Aaron and Ross strip the car, Robert turns up. He’s about to call the police, but Ross offers their services. Will Robert hold

.Lawrence is knocked out..
back on calling the police? Just what have Aaron and Ross let themselves in for?

Aaron and Ross realise they have no other choice but to go ahead with Robert’s raid at Home Farm. Whilst first ensuring that Chrissie and Lachlan are both out for the day, Robert sets Lawrence up.

Later, Ross and Aaron arrive at Home Farm wearing balaclavas. Ross whacks Lawrence out unconscious with a baseball bat and then they set about raiding the house, watched by Robert. However, they all are unaware that Chrissie is on her way back. When Chrissie arrives the Masked raiders Aaron and Ross, attempt to disguise their voices as they play the part, blocking Chrissie’s exit.

Robert later feels guilty when an upset Chrissie tells him that

.Emmerdale 7029: 2014-11-19..
her mum’s engagement ring is missing from the raid. When Chrissie’s anger continues, Lawrence knows what to do to make things right.

Also, Pete reels to learn that he is being accused of previously selling ecstasy, which resulted in a girl dying.

Finally, the Dingles are on edge following the smashed window and they worry for Belle’s welfare. Lisa worries further when Sam tells her that he saw Belle arguing with Lachlan in the café earlier. The Dingles are heartbroken as Belle worries about going to school.

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