Quentin Tarantino The Hateful Eight will go into production and possibly Django V Zorro

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After Tarantino’s ‘Hateful Eight’ had a script leak earlier this year, he initially revealed that he would no longer do the movie but after a change of heart has confirmed at Comic- Con that the Movie is now a go.

When the news was announced it was meet with huge cheers from the audience that the feature western would now be back on.   In a way it seems that Quentin Tarantino may of thrown his toys out of the pram a little with the knee jerk reaction to just cancel the whole movie because someone had leaked a part of the script.

In fielding fan questions, Tarantino also teased that he’s working on an extended cut of Kill Bill that would include animated footage that was cut out of the original 2003 film.

Tarantino also went onto to talk about a Django V Zorro crossover movie, stating that Dynamite CEO and publisher Nick Barruci had spoke about doing the movie prior to Django Unchained being released., which Tarantino found an exciting concept.

“I loved this idea, not only because I like western comics in general, but I also loved Zorro in all his iterations whether it was the Disney series or the William Witney films. I thought it was a great idea of taking the most famous, fictional Mexican western hero and putting him together with the newer, famous black western hero,” said Tarantino.

He wen onto say,

“I don’t want to make a ton of Django movies so this offered me a chance to keep control of the mythology, but to tell different stories,”

Allegedly when Tarantino spoke to Django Unchained actor Jamie Foxx he seemed equally excited about the idea saying,

“Can we make this movie? Let’s get Antonio (Banderas) and a make a movie”

One of the last questions that was given to the award winning directors was whether or not he would make a movie that was not R Rated ( 18), his reply was “F*ck No”.

The Hateful Eight is set to being shooting in early 2015.

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