Possibility on an X-Men & Fantastic Four joint movie mash up

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With Fox owning the rights to both sets of  Marvel characters, could Fantastic Four and X-Men appear in a movie mash up.

It goes without saying, that the cross over of Comic book characters in movies is all the craze at the moment since Josh Wheddon did it so successfully with The Avengers.

Fox are now working tirelessly to ensure they capitalise as much as they can on the rights to their own Marvel characters, and above and beyond their successful  X-Men franchise they announced earlier this year that 2 Fantastic four Movies have been scheduled.

With Josh Tank directing the first Fantastic Four movie and expected to be in cinemas on August 15th, Comicbook.com recently spoke to Simon Kinberg the writer behind the last 2 X-Men Movies and the fourth coming Fantastic Four movie as well as the rumoured Gambit movie, about the possibility of these franchises crossing over.

“I love the characters, I love the characters in Fan Four, and I love the new cast. Obviously I love the characters and cast of X-Men. So, hypothetically, the notion of putting them together is really intriguing, and there’s some really fun stuff that the comics have done in the past. So it’s not out of the realm of possibility.”

Of course Kinberg also made clear that his current focus is on the films planned for release between now and 2016. “To be honest, I’m so focused on each of the movies right now – I’m so focused, now we’re post, on Fantastic Four, and making that the best movie it can be,” he says. “And then we’re in prep on X-Men: Apocalypse, so those are kind of full time jobs.”

So although there is nothing certain about this, its certainly a concept that Fox could move forward with.  At this point I think it would be fair to say, that before this can even be contemplated the studio will wait to see the reaction on the Fantastic Four movie next year.

Of course we will keep you posted on any developments.

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