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.Sharon tells Marcus Christie the deal's off..
When Sharon sees how vulnerable Phil is, she starts to have second thoughts about her plan to scam him. She tells Marcus how she’s feeling, but it may already be too late as Phil spots them together. with Phil suspicious over what he has seen, he looks to seeks answers. He later takes his frustration out at The Arches and when Shirley tries to calm him down, he tells her that Sharon has been stealing from him. Shirley encourages him to cool down before he takes any action. Feeling bad for Phil, Shirley offers to help him. The former couple then end up passionately kissing and tearing each other’s clothes off!

Mick is relieved when Linda returns to the Square and Stan convinces him to fight for their relationship.

.A tipsy Linda tells a shocked Sharon that Dean kissed her..
Later, Sharon and Linda have a drinking session together. As they chat, Sharon reveals that she has decided to forgive Phil, while Linda admits that Dean recently tried to kiss her. Unfortunately, tensions rise when Sharon suggests to Linda that she is not completely innocent in the situation with Dean. As they argue, Mick asks Nancy to take Sharon home. When Nancy does so, she is left horrified as Sharon reveals Linda’s secret.

The Next day Phil tries to avoid Shirley but becomes confused when Sharon buys him a wedding gift. Phil declares that he can’t wait to marry her, but is he up to something?

Linda later rejects Sharon’s apology, while Nancy refuses to believe that nothing is going on between her mum and Dean. Will Nancy

Alfie pleads with Aleks to reconsider
expose her suspicions?

Meanwhile, Struggling to keep it together due to his financial troubles, Alfie ends up rummaging through the Butchers’ unwanted belongings. Life gets even worse for the Moons when Aleks confronts Kat about working on the market when she is receiving maternity benefit. Kat has to rush home and tell Alfie about the latest problem. Alfie tries but ultimately fails to gets Aleks on side.

Elsewhere. Lauren doesn’t seem pleased about Max hiring Stacey at the car lot. Stacey tries to make peace with Lauren, but also leaves Lauren intrigued when she seems nervous about the whereabouts of the key she gave her to look after…

..Everyone says goodbye to Bianca and family.
Finally, the Butchers and the Spraggans descend on The Vic for a farewell drink. When Carol offers up some final words of wisdom for them, Bianca makes a big decision about the move…

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