Phil Returns but what happens to Ben, Kat hits a new low, and Shirley learns the truth about Mick and Dean – Eastenders

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.Max reveals the truth to Phil..
Phil is determined to get the Mitchell family back on track now that he has returned to Walford. He starts by calling a family lunch, but everyone is surprised by what he does once everyone is gathered together. With Sharon particularly unimpressed, she calls an end to the lunch and demands to know the truth about where Phil has been.

Later, Phil sets to work on seizing The Arches back from Max. Although he promises Sharon that he won’t resort to violence, he does pay a visit to Max and gives

..Phil storms home to confront Ben.
him a threat that he won’t be able to ignore.

As Phil continues with his attempts to get The Arches back, Carol urges Max to end his feud with the Mitchells.

Later, Phil is shocked when Max lets slip that Ben was responsible for the loss of the business in the first place, rather than Sharon as he was led to believe. Furious over the revelation, Phil storms home and drags Ben into his car. What does he have planned for

.Phil forces Ben into his car..
his terrified son?

Meanwhile, Alfie is furious when he finds out that Mo took Harry’s cash behind Kat’s back. However, Mo manages to persuade Alfie that she has done the right thing. Mo gives Alfie some money to help Kat with, but Kat immediately becomes suspicious over Alfie’s sudden generosity. As a result, Alfie is forced to admit the truth about where the money came from.

Kat is back on a self-destructive path following her discovery about the money. Kat’s behaviour alienates her family, but Stacey desperately tries to get through

.Alfie is furious when Mo tells him she took Harry's money for Kat...
to her. Kat’s hopes for a turning point are thwarted further when her family meal doesn’t go to plan, but Alfie steps in to save the day by treating everyone to a meal at The Vic. Kat opens up to her family about her feelings while they’re all at the pub.

Later, It’s a dark day for Kat as she resorts to desperate measures. Alfie realises Kat’s intentions when she leaves the children with him and he notices that Tommy has her money belt. Alfie races to the flat and is relieved when Kat says that she’ll visit him later, so he decides to leave again.

..Alfie worries about Kat..
Soon afterwards, however, Kat’s words go through Alfie’s mind and the penny drops that she has attempted suicide. Alfie races upstairs to save Kat and quickly calls an ambulance for her.

Elsewhere, Mick reluctantly agrees to let Stan return to The Vic following his stay in hospital thanks to some persuasion from Tina. The Carters get more than they bargained for when Cora moves in too. Shirley is shocked when Stan’s health takes another turn for the worse and he is rushed back to hospital. The Carters

Shirley breaks bad news to Stan
start to face the reality of Stan’s fate, which forces Mick and Shirley closer together.

Tina clashes with Mick when she discovers that he is planning on leaving Stan in hospital. When Tina learns how bad Stan’s condition is, she realises that the decision has been taken out of their hands regardless. The Carters later visit Stan and are forced to break the news that he won’t be coming home. Struggling to cope, Stan asks to see Dean – sparking a fresh outbreak

.Ian is moved when he is given a wreath in memory of Lucy..
of tension between Nancy and Mick. Will Nancy tell Shirley the truth?

Also, Buster returns to visit Shirley.

Finally, Ian gets tough with Cindy by putting his foot down regarding Beth’s future. An upset Cindy continues to disagree and presents Ian and Jane with an impossible dilemma – it’s her or Beth.

Everyone takes time to remember Lucy as a year has passed since her death.

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