Phil out smarts Max, whilst Kat takes a journey into her past – Eastenders

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Karin tells a stunned Max to get rid of the cars as the police are on their way to him..
Karin Smart returns to Albert Square and warns Max that the police are on the case of the stolen cars. Max wants help from Phil but is unable to get hold of him, so instead he enlists help from Charlie, Ben and Jay to dump the cars.

Later, Ritchie Scott heads back to the Square after Phil uses some unethical tactics to get her back on side. Soon afterwards, Karin reappears again and warns that the situation is more serious than she first thought as other car lots have been raided, which means Max will need to get rid of all the evidence.

..Sharon recognises Karin and is not happy when Phil hands her a wad of cash.
This leads to an embarrassing situation for Max. Once Karin has gone, Phil orders Max to sign The Arches back or he will go to the police.

Max is left with no choice but to sign The Arches and the car lot over to Phil. Phil celebrates with the rest of the Mitchells at The Vic and when Max gets angry at the sight, they remind him that he brought his comeuppance on himself. Carol tries to support Max, but he rejects her pleas and heads to the Mitchell house to see Abi. However, Max is shocked when he

Everyone is shocked when a brick is hurled through the window of Blades.
realises that Abi’s loyalties lie with the Mitchells.

Sharon threatens to walk away from Phil if he doesn’t clean up his act. Sharon’s worries continue when she learns that Phil has met with Ritchie, so she once again demands to know the truth about what is going on.

Meanwhile, Aunt Babe prepares a lunch to bring Mick and Shirley back together again. However, Aunt Babe’s true intentions are revealed when she suggests

..EastEnders: 5059: 2015-04-30.
that Mick should buy Shirley out of The Vic so the family can truly move on. Later, Babe raises a glass to her family at Blades but there’s a nasty surprise when a brick comes flying through the window, reminding Dean that his crime still hasn’t been forgotten.

Elsewhere, Alfie has Kat by his side as he embarks on a mission to prove his skills at the restaurant, hoping that he can change Ian’s mind. Kat tries to be supportive but when Alfie is focused on the job at hand, she escapes and heads to The Vic with a bottle of

..Kat relives painful memories.
wine. Stacey isn’t pleased by Kat’s drunken antics and Kat is eventually told to leave the pub. With her recent letter about court still playing on her mind, Kat bumps into Max and they open up about their respective troubles.

After pulling a sickie at work, Kat meets up with Alfie for a picnic in the park. The former couple open up about their feelings and Kat admits that she wants to reunite with Alfie. A struggling Kat arrives at a convent where it all began. It seems that she is finally ready to face her past the palace where she gave birth to Zoe.

Later, Whitney tries to set up Stacey and Martin as a new couple. Stacey isn’t keen but changes her mind after Martin helps her to deal with a drunken Kat. The pair then decide to go drinking together themselves. Later, Whitney and Lee discover a wedge of cash hidden in Stan’s chair.

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