Phil learns that Nick Cotton is alive, Tina take a beating from Tosh and will Linda go through with the abortion ? – Eastenders

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.Tosh grabs Tina by the hair..
Tina announces that she is moving away with Tosh, sparking disapproval from Shirley and Aunt Babe. Aunt Babe privately tells Shirley that she has a plan to sort the situation out. Later, Tina visits Sonia to comfort her following her split from Martin. As well as her broken marriage, Sonia is also still concerned about the consequences of her recent stealing, admitting that she can’t pay back the calendar money. Kind-hearted Tina offers Sonia a way to pay it back, but as they say goodbye to each other, Tosh sees them hugging.

When Tina returns home to the flat and Tosh learns of her plans to help Sonia fix her debt problem, Tosh continues to suspect an affair between the two and lashes out. Already keeping an eye on the house, Aunt Babe rushes over when she

..Aunt Babe helps Tina out of the flat.
hears screams and is stunned to find Tina bruised and bleeding.

Tosh’s latest attack on Tina leaves the Carters disgusted. Tina stays strong by ignoring constant messages from Tosh and when Tosh later arrives at the pub, Shirley lashes out at her. Tina overhears the commotion and decides to speak to Tosh alone. Shirley fears that Tina will forgive her once again, but what will Tina decide in the end?

Meanwhile, it’s Peter’s 21st birthday but Ian is still struggling following his discovery of what his son did. Cindy tries to organise a party for Peter at The Albert and tries to persuade Ian to come along, but he insists that he will be attending the choir rehearsal instead.

..EastEnders: 4974: 2014-12-11.
Later, Peter struggles with having a birthday party without Lucy there, so he slips back to Masood’s house and takes some cocaine. Masood returns and catches him, prompting Peter to storm off and head home. Once there, he bangs on the window and calls for Ian, who stubbornly ignores him. As his temper gets the better of him, Peter bangs the window too hard and it smashes.

Ian still refuses to talk to Peter, despite being shocked as Jane tells him that he was on cocaine last night. Peter later goes home to apologise, but a torn Ian refuses to make peace.

Elsewhere, Mick offers Denise a cleaning job at The Vic now that she is unemployed, wanting to make life a little easier for Linda. Soon afterwards, Linda learns that Sonia is out of hospital and goes to see her in a rage, taking out all of her recent anger on Sonia. Things get worse for Linda when she returns home to find

.Linda steels herself for her appointment with the doctor..
Denise cleaning. When Mick tries to talk to her, Linda reveals that she doesn’t want to keep the baby.

Mick tries to talk to Linda about her decision to terminate her pregnancy. Later, Johnny tries to sneak inside after falling off his bike, but Linda catches him. When Linda shows motherly support by hugging Johnny, it’s a poignant moment for Mick as he continues to struggle with her decision.

Linda is booked in for her termination and insists on attending the clinic alone, but she still seems unsure about her decision. What will her final choice be?

Linda and Mick arrive home at The Vic and find an angry Shirley looking for Aunt Babe. Mick reluctantly sets off with

..A panicked Yvonne tells Nick to get back inside the house.
Shirley as he doesn’t want her driving off in a rage. There is no answer at Aunt Babe’s house, but when they head inside they are shocked to come face-to-face with Sylvie. How will Shirley react to seeing her mum after all these years?

Also, Once Sonia returns home from hosiptail, the couple finally start to talk to each other about how they feel. It seems that things are looking up for them as they are communicating at last, but the positive atmosphere doesn’t last for long when Sonia questions whether they still love each other.

Finally, Nick heads outside as he is bored with being holed up inside. When a worried Yvonne goes after him, they spend some time reminiscing about the past. Yvonne is still frantic that Nick could be spotted and her worst fears are confirmed when

Phil finds nick - eastenders..
Ian sees him. When Ian rushes over to see whether it really is him, its not long before he is knocking down Phils door to tell him. With Phil now aware that Nick is still alive he storms over to the Cotton house to confront him. It’s left to Ronnie to intervene by stopping Phil from hurting him.


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