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.Peter hits Rob..
On the day of Tina’a Funeral Peter heads for the vodka bottle and then tells Deidre that he is going to the service.  As David is reading his eulogy David walks in and david quicklys points at him stating she would still be alive if it was not for Peter.  When the congregation move to the grave side Peter tries to talk to Carla when a protective Rob steps in a fight soon breaks out. As the police arrive to sort out the disturbance Peter tells a shocked congregation that Tina ruined his life and now there even.  When Rob later talks to Tracy about the funeral it obvious that Rob found the whole day hard, but there is something in his voice that Tracy finds unnerving.

..Corrie: 8412: 2014-06-25.
The following Day Carla spirits are lifted and tells Rob and Michelle she intends to get the factory back on track.

Elsewhere, Gary and Izzy have an argument over who is babysitting and who is going out, when Izzy talks to her sister Katy later she confides that both her and Gary seem to be drifting apart.   With Gary wanting to give Izzy sometime to herself he convinces Jason to go out drinking with him and soon starts chatting up a girl by the name of Ayla, when she suggests that they go home together Gary is eager to please.  When Gary wakes the following day next to Ayala he is mortified over his actions and makes a speedy exit by telling Ayla he has to get to his job at a bank.

.Izzy comes to collect Gary but he's stopped in his tracks when Kal's daughter walks in..
Later, Izzy comes to find Gary at the Gym but is soon taken aback when Kal daughter walks in Ayla.

Meanwhile, Steve is depressed over the fact he will be turning 40 and decides that he will work as he wants no fuss, Lloyds give Steve the low down that Liz and Michelle have both arranged a surprise party for him but Steve has no interest in going.  When the message gets back to Liz and Michelle, Michelle decies to try and get him back by making out she is a customer.

.Can Michelle persuade Steve to attend his party or is he set on wallowing in his own self pity?..
Also, Nick is taken aback when Leanne tells him that she spent the night with Kal. Feeling angry, Nick marches up to Leanne and Kal .and tells them that he’s filing for divorce on the grounds of adultery.

Finally, Deirdre finds Steph’s charm bracelet in the ginnel. Unaware of whom it belonged to, she takes it home and places it on the side, but Peter moves it unwittingly – leaving his fingerprints all over it.

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