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Ken and Deirdre are furious to learn that Jim was Peter’s booze supplier and far from protecting Peter like they thought, Jim will now be after his blood.

At the prison, Peter is resigned to his fate when two inmates turn up in his cell and march him off to see Jim. As Ken and Deirdre wait for Peter in the prison visiting room, they fear the worst. When Peter finally turns up Deridre and Ken can see that Peter is in agonyl. He warns Ken and Deirdre to keep quiet about his beating, as he and Jim are quits now and it would only make matters worse.

Back on the street, however, Deirdre urges Liz to go and

see Jim and ask him to lay off Peter. Will Liz agree?

Elsewhere, When Tony chucks £50 at Todd and tells him to leave town, an angry Todd heads to The Rovers to drown his sorrows.

After a chat with Michael, who advises Eileen not to become estranged from her family, she decides to give Todd one last chance. However, when she finds him drunk and rowing with Michael and Sophie, has Eileen reached the end of the line with Todd?

Elsewhere, Neil is shattered when he overhears Lloyd talking to Michelle about her wedding planning

business, thinking Lloyd is talking about marrying Andrea. Using Tim’s ladder – and leaving Tim stuck on the roof of Number 4 – Neil climbs onto the roof of The Rovers, insisting that he’ll only speak to Andrea.

Stranded Tim is forced to watch on as Neil tells Andrea that he’ll only agree to come down if she breaks off her engagement to Lloyd and returns to him. Incensed, Andrea climbs up the ladder and begs him to stop messing about. However, when she slips and is left clinging to the guttering, it looks like Neil’s stunt could have very serious consequences…

Also, Sophie announces that Kevin is coming home.

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