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..Hollyoaks: 3956: 2014-09-22.
A concerned Nancy calls Patrick from the school, when Sienna bangs on the boiler room door. Nico is suspicious, but he manages to put Nancy off the scent. Following Nico and Peri to school after hours, Tom stumbles across Sienna in the boiler room. Will he save her?

While waiting awkwardly for the baby scan, the atmosphere is tense between Patrick, Maxine and Dodger. Then, when Dodger finally calls the police, Patrick is arrested for domestic abuse.

Myra’s good intentions have heart breaking consequences when she helps Holly make dinner, telling her to be strong for Cindy and Dirk.

.Cindy thinks everyone's against her..
When Maxine gets a call from Patrick asking for help, she is furious with Dodger for getting Patrick arrested.

Smoke starts bellowing from the pipes in the boiler room, putting Sienna in danger, a result of Nico putting fish behind the radiators and turning up the heat.

After Myra’s betrayal, Holly is left to pick up the pieces.

When Kathleen-Angel finds the money that Kathleen was meant to have taken, from Carmel and Sonny’s bedroom, alarm bells ring for the McQueens.

Maxine makes the brave decision to put things right, after realising that Dodger was right to call the police.

.Sonny finds Myra in his car..
Carmel is left reeling by what she finds, when she tells Mercedes to leave Sonny to her. Dirk and Holly end up making things worse when they visit Cindy. When they leave, Cindy starts ranting that everyone is against her.

When Myra steals a toy gun from the antique’s emporium, her, Mercedes and Phoebe hide in Sonny’s car. They handcuff him inside, while Myra takes the wheel. Sonny sees that the gun is a toy and laughs at them. Then, when they get out of the car, Sonny and the vehicle start to roll into the lake.

Elsewhere, after a drink and drugs binge, Ste is found at The Hutch by Sinead. At the hospital Sinead wants Ste to get help, by first admitting that he is a drug addict. But has she left it too late?

.Sonny is handcuffed inside his own car..
After Nancy’s attack, Darren puts posters up to stop people from going to The Hutch. Then the police arrive and arrest him for harassment.

Carmel is horrified by what her family has done.

Diane is clearly not coping, as she drives off to visit Finn, and has to stop. When Sinead turns up, she asks her to visit Finn with her.

John Paul makes a decision that could jeopardise his future.

Finally, will temptation get the better of Darren?

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