Owen Wife returns, whilst Faye finds out she is preganant – Coronation Street

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Katy finds Faye bunking off school. Faye explains to her that she is being bullied as the girls say she is fat. She also admits to buying cigarettes with her dinner money in the hope they’ll make her lose weight. Katy is horrified.

Worried about Faye, Anna and Owen quiz Craig. Under pressure, Craig reveals that she is bunking off because she is being bullied. They confront Faye but she rushes to her room upset. As Anna, Owen, Katy

and Izzy discuss Faye’s situation, they are interrupted by the door. Owen answers it and is horrified to find his ex-wife Linda on the doorstep!

Linda pushes her way in and introduces herself. Katy is stunned to realise that Linda is her mother. Linda is shocked to see that Izzy uses a wheelchair, but Izzy angrily points out that had she not abandoned them, she’d have known. Linda tries to defend herself but seeing how upset the girls are, Anna insists she leaves.

After handing Katy her phone number, Linda heads to the door, accusing Owen of lying to the girls and letting them believe she didn’t want anything to do with them. Knowing she is right, Owen conceals his guilt. Is Linda about to blow his family apart?

Izzy refuses to meet with Linda, but Katy is intrigued to hear what she has to say and secretly invites her over to the flat. Linda assures Katy that she has always loved both her and Izzy, that she made mistakes and just wants a chance to put things right. As Katy sees Linda out, Owen spots them and angrily

heads over. Will he be able to keep them apart?

Owen warns Linda to stay away from him and the girls, but she insists that she has a right to know her own daughters. As Owen and Linda row, she makes it clear that she is not going to give up without a fight. However, back at home, Owen tells Izzy and Katy that he has sent Linda packing and she won’t be bothering them again.

At the same time, Faye confides in Craig that despite putting herself on a diet, she is still gaining weight. Craig wonders if she is pregnant. Horrified by the thought, Faye takes a pregnancy test and is shocked to the core when it comes out positive.

As Owen, Anna and Faye attend the school art exhibition, Faye feels sick with anxiety, faced with constant reminders of her own awful situation.

When Anna tries to hug Faye, she recoils as she is worried that Anna will detect her baby bump. Anna is hurt by this, while Faye confides in Craig about how scared she is at the thought of having a baby. She is petrified that Anna will disown her if she knows the truth.

Elsewhere, Steve surprises Michelle with a romantic dinner in the back room of The Rovers. Michelle is touched, despite it not going quite as planned.

Meanwhile, Steve is upbeat ahead of his shift at Streetcars, but Michelle wonders if he is pushing himself too hard. As Steve works on the switch in the

cab office, the pressures of the job and Andrea’s incessant wittering soon take their toll and he leaves early.

Returning to the pub, Steve discovers that he mixed up the barrels when he changed them earlier. Feeling utterly useless, he heads off to bed. Steve then admits to Michelle how tough a day it’s been. Michelle is sympathetic, realising that Steve faces a long road to recovery.

Also, Andy is consumed with guilt as he visits

Michael in hospital. At Michael’s bedside, Gail tells him that she can’t imagine life without him and suggests they get married as soon as they can. How will Michael respond to her proposal?

Finally, Callum meets up with Katy in The Rovers. Spotting David, he asks him when he can next see Max. David tells him never, but Callum won’t take no for an answer and warns David that he hasn’t heard the last of him.

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