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..Charlie explains himself.
Ronnie and Charlie decide to share their engagement news with their families, but they are unaware that trouble is looming as Nick Cotton is back on Albert Square. When Ronnie and Charlie announce their engagement to the Mitchells, Phil fails to hide his disapproval and this leads to him coming to blows with Charlie.

Later, Roxy suggests to Ronnie that they should plan an engagement party. Ronnie and Charlie then head to Dot’s house to give her the news, but they are shocked to find Nick sitting at the kitchen table. To make matters worse, Dot suddenly comes through the front door. Charlie panics that Dot and Nick are about to come face-to-face, so he tries his best to distract Dot. Nick then gives Charlie and Ronnie an ultimatum. The couple realise that the only way to stump up the cash that Nick wants

.When Ronnie and Charlie go to visit Dot, they are horrified to discover Nick sitting at Dot's kitchen table..
from them would be to ask Phil for help. Swallowing his pride, Charlie goes to Phil and pleads for the money, but refuses to explain why. Will Phil agree or turn Charlie away?

Yvonne pays a visit to Charlie, who is busy organising his engagement party with Ronnie. The awkward family reunion is interrupted when Dot reveals that she thinks Nick is still alive. Presenting her evidence, Dot shows everyone the cigarette butt she found and explains that it is Nick’s favourite brand

It’s Halloween and the Queen Vic has been given a spooky makeover in time for Ronnie and Charlie’s engagement party at the pub. There’s good news for the couple when Phil finally relents and makes up with Charlie, but Charlie becomes

.Dot senses someone is watching her..
worried when Dot suddenly leaves the party. Sharon explains that Dot believes she has seen Nick’s ghost, so Charlie rushes off to find her.

When Charlie arrives at Dot’s house, she confronts him and asks if Nick is still alive. Will Charlie admit the truth?

Elsewhere, Stacey wakes up in Dean’s bed but tells him that the night before was a mistake. Tina and Tosh are surprised to find Stacey and Lily living at the flat, but Tosh later chooses Stacey to confide in – revealing her upset that she is not pregnant. when Stacey sees how much Tosh is still struggling, she calls Tina and tells her the truth about the baby. Tina returns home and tries to make Tosh feel better by pointing out that it was probably for the best, as having Dean as the father would have been awkward. An unhappy Tosh snaps at Tina and accuses her

.Stacey tries to sneak out while Dean is still asleep..
of sleeping with another woman. Tina slaps Tosh in the heat of the moment, which prompts Tosh to punch her in retaliation.

Stacey realises that Tosh has attacked Tina when she spots her black eye. Tina tries to defend her girlfriend, but Dean and Stacey urge her to realise that she can’t let Tosh treat her like this. Tina agrees and decides to talk to Tosh about it.

Also, Ben wants to mend some bridges with the Carter family and so challenges Johnny to a game of darts. Johnny is left wondering whether Ben fancies him.

Later, Johnny heads to The Arches to seek help from Ben and Jay after accidentally breaking the tail light on Mick’s car. Johnny is confused when Ben asks for more money to get the car

.Ben sees that Abi is struggling..
fixed quickly. As Johnny continues to question whether Ben fancies him, Abi confuses the situation even more by hinting to him that Ben has a girlfriend. Ben confirms to Johnny that he doesn’t have a girlfriend but insists that this doesn’t make him gay.

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