Nick is ready to explode , The Windasses try to move on, Dennis time is running out – Coronation Street News

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Nick is incensed, having been told by his solicitor that mediation is the way forward as Leanne is entitled to a substantial pay-out. When they both turn up to mediation its obvious that neither of them can agree on anything, when Nick leaves mediation in a foul mood he catch his mum and Michael together cleaning an Ice cream van its not long before Nick and Michael are squaring up to each other, Steph intervenes and takes Nick back to the Bistro, before a fight breaks out. But when Nick catches both Gail and Michael in her garden sharing a glass of wine and about to kiss Nick goes wild, and vandalises Michael s Van.

Anna promises Owen they can put all of their mistakes behind them and move on. Full of emotion, will the estranged couple be reunited. Anna has other worries when she snatches Faye’s mobile and is shocked to read nasty online gossip suggesting that Faye has slept with lots of boys. At first she blames Craig, but it soon becomes clear he’s not the perpetrator.

Also, Andrea begs Lloyd to forgive her and promises him that her marriage is over,

Finally, Rita agrees to give Dennis another chance but makes him promise there’ll be no more lies. However, when Julie lets slip to Norris that Dennis insisted she made him homeless in the hope Rita would take

him back, Norris is very quick to pass on the News to Rita.    Julie begs Rita to give Dennis one more chance. It looks like she’s wavering until she witnesses a nasty altercation between Dennis and Norris. Has Dennis sealed his fate?


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