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..Tension builds between Ian and Patrick.
Denise tells Ian that Patrick is making good progress, but Ian is concerned by this as he still fears that Patrick will reveal his secret. Soon afterwards, Denise and Ian go to visit Patrick at the hospital. Oblivious to the tense atmosphere between both men, Denise leaves Patrick and Ian together while she goes to speak to a doctor.

Denise is told that Patrick is now well enough to return home, but Ian tries to stay one step ahead by desperately hatching a plan. He tells Denise that he has spoken to Kim and Anthony, who both think that Patrick would be better off in a care home. Denise refuses to put Patrick in a care home and threatens to move in with him if Ian won’t

..Charlie is in trouble with the police.
let him live at the Beale house. However, when Denise visits Patrick again, she realises how hard it would be to care for him alone. After speaking to Dot, a cautious Denise agrees to put Patrick in the best care home possible. Ian arranges appointments for him and Denise to view some care homes for Patrick, but Denise remains apprehensive. Later, Denise apologises to Shabnam for being distracted at work this week. She admits how guilty she is feeling over Patrick’s care, but Shabnam helps her to become more comfortable with her decision.

When they both go to visit Patrick in hospital Ian starts to feel guilty

.Charlie receives a text from Nick..
about putting him in a home, he decides to relent and tells Patrick he can move in with them leaving Denies over the moon.
Elsewhere, Emma goes to arrest Charlie for impersonating a policeman. It soon becomes apparent that Charlie isn’t all he seems. Yvonne becomes worried that Charlie’s closeness with Dot will bring Nick back into their lives, so Charlie promises to stop seeing Dot. However, when Charlie’s car is vandalised and it’s clear that Nick is responsible, they realise that it’s already too late

With the pressure rising Yvonne tries to get Charlie to leave Walford for good and move to Ireland. Charlie is hesitant

.Whitney tells Lee she is ready to take their relationship to the next level..
about leaving Dot as he has truly bonded with her. But when Charlie receives a message from Nick Charlie starts to make plans.

Also this week, Bianca gives Whitney and Lee her blessing. However, Whitney continues to have second thoughts over the romance and sabotages their date at the last-minute by offering to babysit Lily. Lola also starts to think her relationship is back on track when Peter invites her out to lunch, but it’s clear this is no romantic gesture as he is using the opportunity to spy on Lauren’s date with Dean. Lauren and Dean’s date soon goes wrong when he turns Lola down for a job at Blades, causing Lauren to walk out and leaving Dean humiliated.

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