National Lampoon Vacation finally moves forward with reboot

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National Lampoons Vacations is set for a comeback, from the Chevy chase led franchise since Vegas Vacation in 1997 a reboot of the franchise is now in pre-production.

National Lampoon movies have been about since 1978 when John Landis directed and John Belushi starred in animal House.  in 1983 the first of  4 films was made in the Vacation franchise.

Since back in 2006 there has been rumours that the franchise would make a come back, but now the duo behind Horrible Bosses John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein have both started work on the screen play.

According to  Moviehole, Ed Helms ( Hangover) and Christina Applegate (Anchour Man 2) will pick up the title roles of
Rusty and his wife Debbie. The current brief on the story line is as follows.

The Griswolds are off to Astroland – as opposed to Wally World, which is where the clan were headed in the ’80s original – this time (sans Clark and Ellen; Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo will cameo). Like the original flick, we’re staying in the states – so expect some interesting Americana stop-offs along the way (hello Grand Canyon!).

Like Clark’s clan, this is a family of four.

Kevin is 11 or 12, and James is 15 (yep ‘Kevin’ and ‘James’ – likely unintentionally funny.. Or is it!?), one’s essentially a dick (Kevin; compared to ‘Hitler’ by his sibling), the other (Guitar-strumming James) more nerdy. Lots of bullying by the younger sibling ensues.. until James the ‘pacifist’ finds the courage to stand up for himself. If either of the duo are the ‘Anthony Michael Hall’ of the pic it’s James.

Wife Debbie : Rusty’s essentially married his mother.

Rusty? essentially a clone of Clark – slightly naive, goofy.. a champion for “family”. He means well but ends up making a glitch of each situation – just as “Grandpa Clark” did. He puts his kids in some rather embarrassing situations.

Lots of throwbacks to the original – for instance, a hottie on the freeway catches James’s eye. While at the motel, they have a run-in.. which leads of his instrument* getting a tad wet.
* guitar.

Production is expected to start before the end of the year, with a hopeful release date for some time in 2015.

Humor is more on par with that of the original – slightly crude, R-rated jokes. The tone reminiscent of last year’s “We’re the Millers” — Rusty reaching under the motel bed for the remote and instead pulling out a chunk of someone’s pubic hair, another time he’s thinking he’s switched on some porn to get the missus hot and bothered .. Until she realizes it’s Jodie Foster’s “The Accused”; also quite a few Vagina gags (no topping those) in here too.

Obviously, the studio is going the R-rated route for this, likely encouraged by the success of “We’re the Millers”.

Once Ed Helms has finished with National Lampoons Vacation he will be staring in another 80’s remake in the Naked Gun.

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