Mr Selfridge set to receive a 4th and final series and season 3 spoilers.

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Mr Selfridge is set to return in early 2015 for its 3rd season, but whats on the horizon for a season 4.

Creator Andrew Davies recently spoke about the 4th season in an interview, he told Digital Spy the Drama which airs on ITV “was always conceived” with 4 series in mind.

Obviously that depended on the initial receptions from the viewers, and when season 1 opened with over 9 million viewers in the UK, a season 2 seemed to be inevitable.  With ITV then going on to sell to PBS in the States along with a host of other international broadcasters picking up the show, Mr Selfridge currently seems like a money spinner for ITV.

The question at present is, will season 3 continue in the foot steps of the previous 2 and keep viewers gripped to ensure we receive a season 4.

Davies seems pretty convinced that we will get to a final season 4 stating in his interview, “”People seem to love it, so I think we can do the four series.”

When speaking about season 3 Davies also laid out a few season spoilers speaking about Selfridge he said,

“He was just such a good boy all through the second series – I’d like him to cut loose in the third, [In real life] he became increasingly wild and reckless and finished up penniless – so it’s got a tragic arc at the end. I guess we’re going to stick to that.”

At the end of the second season his wife Rose told Harry that she was dying, in real life Mrs Selfridge died in 1918, actress Frances O’Connor who plays Rose recently spoke out about her character stating that she would not be returning for the 3rd season, stating, “Historically she wouldn’t have made the third series,” O’Connor confirmed.”

With Season 3 of Mr Selfride set to start from 1919 the show will be kick started by Rose’s death in terms of the theme.

Season 3 will air in early 2015. - Find details on Season 3 air date Click here

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