Mr Selfridge season 3 Epsiode 3 preview – along with outtake footage

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.Mr Selfiridge season 3 episode 3..
Mr Selfridge will air its 3rd epsidoe in the UK this Sunday, but what can we expect.

This season has stared following the death of Mrs Selfridge, and Harry head does not seem to be with it.

Epsidoe 3 will see Harry announces the launch of the store’s biggest beauty event to the press, with Kitty literally on top of the world as she assists.

In store, MISS MARDLE has breathed new life into the fashion department. GORDON congratulates GRACE on her appointment as Head of Accessories and is chuffed when she accepts his friendly proposal to celebrate. HARRY gives the surplus female staff an emotional, personal farewell.

HARRY has raised the cash for the Selfridge Estate housing project himself, successfully securing a personal loan of £30,000. A confident HARRY is in his element as he bids for land at auction, but is shocked when Loxley bids against him – pushing the price sky high. HARRY is enraged by Loxleyss presence and warns him to keep away from his affairs – but Losley isn’t deterred. HARRY finds out that SERGE told Loxley about his intention to bid for the field and is furious. He confronts SERGE for spilling confidential information, but SERGE is unrepentant.

Nancy is thrilled that Harry managed to buy the land, and surprised when he offers her a paid position as Manager of the project. HARRY and NANCY grow closer as they work on the Selfridge Estate together.

Mr Selfirdge will next air on ITV at 9pm Sunday February 8th, with it expected to air on PBS in the US later this year.

See an out take from this weeks episode when the cast have some lighting problems.#

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