Moira secret is revealed will Cain leave her & does James die – emmerdale News

Published On June 19, 2014 » 1361 Views» By Darren Dimmick » SOAP

inn and Victoria come across some VHS tapes in James’s clear out boxes with a photo of Finn’s mum. The pair are entertained as they watch the tapes of the young Barton boys on Diane’s old player and decide to bring them to the party later. However, the pair are interrupted when Victoria gets a call from Marlon and they rush out, leaving the tape running – not hearing that there is more enlightening material on the video.

Later at the party, everyone has fun watching the tapes but they eventually hear James and Emma arguing. Everyone assembled is shocked by what they hear James’s ex wife Emma mentions his affair with Moria.  Adam promptly turns around and hits James.

 Cain acts remarkably composed and tells Moria to go to the bedroom, but then storms out as he is hurt that she has lied to him.  Moira later tracks down Cain at the cemetery and decides she needs to tell him everything about Adam.

Its not long before Adam gets wind and goes in search for a shotgun at the Dingles places, when cain learns of this he goes in search of Adam.  Later Adam spots James leaving the pub and follows him when Moria comes across James in car in the Wood she hears a gun shoot, has Adam pulled the trigger on James.

Donna also returns after disappearing, Marlon is very quick to have words with her about her behaviour and tells her that he needs to spend some time with April.  Ross declares his feeling for Donna in the hope that she will reciprocate.

Also, Leyla put a proposal to Jai about investing in the business, and Dan asks Sean to be his best man.

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