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Jean tells Stacey her plan about an appeal and Kat agrees it might be worth a try.
When Alfie returns to the market after a false alarm, thinking that Kats water were about to break he is shocked to find that his pitch has been given away. Ruthless Aleks refuses to give it back until a sympathetic Roxy intervenes. As the day continues, Aleks learns that Alfie went to his boss over the dispute. Aleks goes to the Moons’ house and calls a truce with Alfie, but it’s all a front as he is secretly planning to take revenge.

Kat is in labour while Alfie looks on anxiously
Soon afterwards, the day of surprises continues as Alfie finds Jean and Lily at the door, when Alfie and Kat ask Jean why she is back she initially tell them its because she has split with Oliver, but when she goes to visit Stacey in prison she tells her she has a plan to get her out of prison revealing her true reason for returning. Stacey is dismissive of Jeans ideas and states she wants to carry out her full sentence leaving both Kat and Jean disappointed. The stress seems to have gotten to Jean when she collapse, and shortly after Kat goes into Labour.

Mick receives a pair of Union Jack trunks at breakfast and sees the family wearing 'Go Mick' T shirts! .
Elsewhere, It’s the day of the swimming gala. Shirley offers Mick a way out as she can see how nervous he is, but he is determined not to let his family down. At the same time, Dean isn’t happy when he learns that Mick is only doing one lap of the pool compared to his own 19. When the time comes for Mick’s big moment, can he complete the lap?

Meanwhile, Ian remains under pressure due to Rainie’s blackmail. He gets some money together to pay off Rainie once and for all, but Mick spots them parked up together as he drives home from the swimming gala. Ian speeds off when Mick parks up behind him, but then the police pull

..Mick is arrested.
round the corner and arrest Mick for Kerb crawling. Mick goes to Ian to get him tell the truth about why he was there, leaving Ian to reveal where he was on the night of Lucy murder. When Mick gets home no one is the none the wiser has to what has happened until Linda receives a phone call.

Also, when Dean sees Linda, he can sense that something is wrong and follows her upstairs at the pub. Dean attempts to comfort Linda but she dismisses him. Back downstairs, Lauren is hoping to ‘casually’ bump into Dean and her plan works when he buys her a drink.

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