Mick learns the truth, as the Carters family explodes, Dean is out for revenge and Jane and Ian rekindle – Christmas in Eastenders

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Dean wants answers from Stacey.
Stacey is concerned after her visit from Linda and the landlady’s obvious discomfort around Dean, but Linda tries to backtrack and assures her that nothing is wrong. Later there is a happy atmosphere for the Carters as Mick announces to everyone at The Vic that Linda is pregnant, but when Dean arrives, Stacey immediately notices that Linda’s behaviour once again changes.

When Stacey goes upstairs to talk to Linda, she starts to confide in her about her own past ordeal. Affected by her words, Linda can only nod which confirms Stacey’s suspicions that Dean raped her…

Now that Stacey knows the truth, Linda is keen to talk about her ordeal. She once again speaks to Stacey, who urges her to tell Mick the truth. Although Linda wants to be honest with her

Dean threatens a terrified Linda with telling Mick if she doesn't talk to Stacey.
partner, she is still wary as she wonders what it would do to their relationship. There is also an added distraction when Johnny makes an announcement that shocks his family. However, Linda eventually accepts that Mick does need to know the truth, so she informs Stacey that she is going to tell him.

At the same time, Dean is confused after being dumped by Stacey as he doesn’t know what the reason is, but all becomes clear when he finds out that she has grown close to Linda. Wanting to regain control, Dean storms over to The Vic and orders Linda to stop ‘lying’ about him. Dean wants Linda to convince Stacey to give him another chance, but they are interrupted by Lee who wants to know what’s going on. Dean then drops a bombshell in front of Lee.

when Christmas Eve arrives Lee and Nancy are shocked after

..Linda and Mick share a Christmas kiss.  .
Dean’s bombshell. Further shaken by the latest drama, Linda tells Mick that Dean isn’t welcome on Christmas Day.

Dean is further disappointed when Stacey orders him to stay away from her and Lily. He once again storms over to The Vic and confronts Linda, accusing her of ‘lying’ and warning that Mick will find out the truth if she doesn’t retract her claims to Stacey. Linda agrees on the condition that Dean stays away from the Carter family and the pub from now on. Will their deal go ahead?

Mick also convinces Aunt Babe and Shirley to let him meet Sylvie for lunch, despite their obvious hesitancy over the idea. When they meet, Mick continues to be in awe of Sylvie and gives her a heartfelt Christmas present. As Aunt Babe gets her ready to leave, Sylvie tells Mick that she wants to spend Christmas

.Mick arrives with Sylvie for Christmas..
with him.

Christmas Day gets off to a perfect start for the Carters as Linda gives Mick a special present. Mick also puts his own secret plans into action, asking Nancy to cover for him while he pops out. Stan and Cora enjoy a romantic moment of their own as he has transformed the barrel store into a winter wonderland for the two of them.

When Mick returns, Shirley and Aunt Babe are furious to find that he has brought Sylvie for dinner. How will the rest of the family react, and will this mean that Shirley’s big secret is revealed?

Later, Mick makes the final preparations for his surprise proposal to Linda upstairs, but the day takes a turn for the worse

The Beales deal with Christmas without Lucy
when a drunken Dean arrives and threatens to drop another bombshell.

As Christmas continues for the Carters, secrets and lies are finally revealed and all hell breaks loose at the Queen Vic as Mick learns the truth. But how does he find out, what exactly does he know and how will he react? Whatever the answers, life for the Carters is about to explode.

Elsewhere, Jane has spent the night with Ian but tells him that she doesn’t want anyone to know just yet. Despite this, Ian lets the news slip to Alfie, who spreads the gossip around the Square. Jane isn’t happy when she learns that everyone knows the truth, but an apologetic Alfie urges her not to be harsh with Ian – pointing out that it proves how proud he must be to have her

Emma shows Lauren the video she has been given and Lauren is shocked.

Later, the Walford community choir start their concert on the Square, but Ian gets annoyed when Phil turns up and tries to put him off. Suddenly Jane gets up on stage and starts singing ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. As the song continues and the choir join in, Jane gets down on one knee and proposes to Ian. Will he accept?

Meanwhile, Emma meets up with Bryant after he tells her that he has some new information to share with her. Later, Lauren gives Emma the envelope which has been posted through the Brannings’ front door. When Emma opens it, she finds a USB stick which contains a video from the night Lucy was murdered. Later, Emma shows Lauren the video footage that she has been

..EastEnders: 4980: 2014-12-22.
given, leaving her shocked.

Also today, Nick and Yvonne urge Dot not to tell Charlie that she caught them rekindling their romance. Yvonne insists that Nick will be leaving soon, so Charlie doesn’t need to know.

Charlie and Ronnie finally have the tickets and money ready to get rid of Nick, but will their plan work?

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