Mick does some unwanted match making, whilst Ronnie is proposed too – Eastenders

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.Charlie tells Ronnie the truth..
When Phil returns home from hospital and finds Charlie in his house with Ronnie, he makes it clear that he disapproves of their relationship. After apologising to Charlie, Ronnie confronts Phil but he stands firm over his disapproval, pointing out that it’s not a good idea for her to date a policeman given that she has killed someone. Phil insists that it’s far too dangerous for Ronnie to get close to Charlie and she must end things.

Later, Dot gives Charlie her old engagement ring and tells him that he should marry Ronnie. After giving it some thought, Charlie decides to propose to Ronnie – but what will she say after Phil’s words of warning

.Stacey and Dean kiss...
Meanwhile, Mick is still eager to cheer Linda up and invites Stacey over to do her hair. Linda is uncomfortable with the situation but as they talk, she realises that Stacey has also had to overcome some difficult times. Later, Linda looks like her old self as she heads down to the bar following Stacey’s work. Unfortunately, Mick decides to play matchmaker by inviting Stacey and Dean upstairs for cocktails. A terrified Linda is forced to sit next to Dean upstairs at The Vic thanks to Mick’s plan to pair him up with Stacey. When Linda is left alone with Dean for a moment, his deluded behaviour continues as he tells Linda that they should probably end things between them as he doesn’t want Mick to get hurt. Stacey and Mick are also left alone, so Stacey asks him if he knows that Alfie started the fire. After a difficult day Stacey is comforted by Dean and they end up kissing.

.Tamwar is shocked when Shabnam gives him a cheque for £10,000..
Elsewhere, Tamwar’s 24th birthday has arrived but Shabnam isn’t pleased when she finds out that Masood has organised a party at The Vic for the occasion. She refuses to go, worrying about what people at the mosque will say if they find out. Kush suggests to Masood that they should find a different way to celebrate. Later, Tamwar is stunned when Shabnam gives him £10,000 as his birthday present. Where did the money come from? Masood tries to keep Shabnam happy by moving Tamwar’s party to the family home instead of The Vic. Kush continues to help out by assisting Masood as he makes a curry. Kush also tries to flirt with Shabnam, but she is too distracted to respond to him.

Also its time for Kat to return home from hospital, but where is home ?

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