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Published On September 11, 2014 » 936 Views» By Darren Dimmick » SOAP

Megan and Jai are desperate to expose Charity by getting evidence from her bank statements. Jai manages to hack into Charity’s account and Megan smells victory. They march straight round to Home Farm to drop the bombshell on Declan, despite Megan knowing she has broken her restraining order.

As they present their findings to Declan, Charity panics as her web of lies closes in, but Declan tells them that he already knows – the abortion was Debbie’s. The police then arrive to arrest Megan who fumes at Charity, insisting she’ll kill her for this… Later Peter is left shocked when Megan confronts Debbie publicly in The Woolpack about aborting his baby. Pete is stunned and confused as he hears

Debbie confirm it. Debbie is fuming, knowing that she is unable to drop her mum in it and leaves the pub devastated. When Debbie tries to later tell Pete the truth he left not sure whether to believe her thinking it may have been Ross baby.

Meanwhile, Alicia decides to fix Leyla up with Colin the fridge man. At the same time, Jai doesn’t want to lose what he has with Leyla and tries to convince her they should be together, and they kiss. However, when a guilt-ridden Megan suddenly arrives at the house with bad news about Noah, will Leyla be caught red-handed?

Elsewhere this week  Aaron’s sentencing approaches, and Chas and Adam visit him beforehand. He tries to put on a brave face, but it’s clear that he’s anxious.  When Aaron is eventually released he goes

on to celebrate which ends with him and Finn kissing but could this be a bad mistake.

Also, Jimmy has prepared Nicola a healthy but unappetising meal, telling her they’ve gone vegan. He watches her eat it but Nicola is later raging when she discovers that Jimmy hasn’t been eating as well as he’s been making out.  Nicola later discovers that Jimmy has been looking at Botox online and is wondering whether its time to call time on it all.

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