Mary Poppins 2 is coming over 50 years after the original, but who will play her ?

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With Disney hitting the reboot button on their back catalog and  having had a few hits already with Maleficent, Alice in wonderland and Cinderella, the next movie in the pipeline is Mary Poppins.

Arguably the best none animated Disney movie of all times, has sent twitter into melt down with fans of the original not getting enough of the thought of their childhood movie making a comeback.

Even A list actors were shocked at the news with Samuel L Jackson tweeting,

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The original Movie which starred legends Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke is set to be directed by the man behind this years ‘Into the woods’ Movie Rob Marshall.

Variety reports that the project is not technically a reboot, seeing as it takes place 20 years after the original movie.

Marshall’s sequel – a live-action musical film – will draw from the works of Mary Poppins author PL Travers to create a new adventure for the magical nanny and the Banks family.

The next question that people will be asking is who will play the iconic role of Mary Poppins ?

When Julie Andrews took on the role she was a mere 29, so looking at English actress in their late 20’s early 30’s our three contenders for the role would be Keira Knightly, Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway, whats your thoughts let us know in the comments below.

More on this as we have it.

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