Lucy killer is revealed, Peggy returns to Walford , will Ronnie survive – Eastneders

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.Peggy makes a visit to the Vic..
Peggy Mitchell is back on Albert Square. Before doing what she came for, Peggy can’t resist paying a visit to the Queen Vic, where she meets current landlord Mick Carter for the first time.

Later, Peggy heads off to Dot’s house as planned, but she is stunned when she sees the state of Dot…

Meanwhile, it’s the night of Ian and Jane’s wedding. Lauren is in turmoil as she now knows details of what really happened to Lucy and wants the truth to come out. Taking matters into her own hands, Lauren

.Christian arrives to surprise Jane..
leaves a wedding card with a message inside.

Lauren’s strange behaviour doesn’t go unnoticed by Max and after Stacey tells him what’s going on, he desperately searches for his daughter to find out whether she really knows what happened to Lucy. When Max finds Lauren, she storms out and goes into a cab before he has a chance to talk to her. Max is left fearful over what could happen next, knowing that Lauren can’t reveal what she knows about Lucy…

last-minute preparations are taking place for the

..Peter demands an explanation from Lauren.
wedding, but Ian struggles to cope. He rushes out of his pre-ceremony drinks gathering at The Vic because he is worried that he shouldn’t be happy after everything that has happened to Lucy. After reminiscing over the past, Ian finally pulls himself together and tells everyone that it’s time to head off to the wedding – but he’s shocked when he finds out how Alfie plans to get him there!

It’s a happy time for Jane, but she is soon thrown into turmoil when she discovers the card that Lauren has left. At the same time, Ian asks Phil what he needs to

..Ian and Phil are soon interrupted .
talk to him about, but their conversation is interrupted.

Soon afterwards, the wedding begins but when Peter discovers the truth about Lauren’s whereabouts, he quickly leaves. Jane is also chilled by her discovery, which causes her to struggle over her vows. Her panic increases when she realises that Peter has gone to find Lauren. With lots clearly on her mind, will Jane go ahead with the wedding?

Lauren doesn’t reveal her news to Max when he follows her. However, when Peter arrives, Lauren is

.The doctor turns off Ronnie's ventilator..
forced to tell him the truth – she knows what happened to Lucy. the truth will be revealed on Thursday 30th Anniversary episode

Elsewhere, Dean returns to The Vic and sets his revenge plan in motion

Also, Ronnie ventilators are turned of both Roxy and Charlie are releaved when she breaths on her own.

Finally, Finally, a new face arrives on Albert Square

.Lucy finds her phone and purse missing from her bag..
(played by new cast member Richard Blackwood). Who is he, and why is he in Walford?

A Flash back Episode showing Lucy finals hours will be aired on Thursday.

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