Lost 10 years on, the unanswered questions.

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Yes it was 10 years ago when we first became gripped to the series which is now one of the most talked about on the internet, when I say talked about more to do with people still seeking answers to questions they will probably never find the answers too.

In a recent interview with the creators of Lost Carlton Cuse described Lost as being similar to the scientific cosmological “Big Bang theory”, he said “Every question begets another question.  We just didn’t feel like there was a way to answer all the open questions without it being didactic and boring.”

When Lost first premiered with a plane crashing on a mystical Island we were lead to believe that the title of the show ” Lost”, was titled in this way as the survivors  of Oceanic  flight 815  had no idea where they were.  However, for those of you that followed the series to the bitter end, some could say its because the viewers became “Lost” in knowing exactly what was happening.

Here we try to give some answers to the top questions.

1/ What exactly was the Island ?

Ok, so this is not as straight forward as I’m sure you readers know, if we were to give a short answers then we would just say “It was a magical island with its own mind which was able to bend time and reality”.

But if we were to delve deeper then the island was a place where both science and faith co existed,  which had the ability to heel ( As we saw with John Locke being able to walk again) and kill if felt threatened. Some feel it was a place where people were trapped between life and death yet the program shows that it is actually a place you can escape with the likes of Micheal being able to eventually leave, along with some of the other characters using a submarine to come and go when need be.  This in its self would contradict that it was a place for the afterlife as even if it was a place of reincarnation then a return to the island would be impossible.

2/ I’m still confused as to what exactly the island was

I’m sure you are as not being the writers of the show we can only give you it from our perspective and to be honest I don’t think the writers could even give you an answer but at least we are trying.

3/ How comes Jacobs was able to leave the island but the Monster couldn’t?

Jacob was empowered by the island after drinking the water, he has a connection the Island but is not controlled by it. The Smoke Monster human incarnations body was actually buried on the island and it was only his spirit that lived within the smoke monster.  This meant that the Smoke was part of the island and unable to leave.

4/ Was everyone actually dead on the island 

This question has been put to the creators of the show on numerous occasions, and was answered in an interview with Lindleof.  When asked by he put the whole show in purgatory he replied everything on the Island happened in real life and the show was not, in fact, purgatory.

Ok so fair enough if the show creators said this then it must be true, but some people are confused as to why at the end of season 6 did they show pictures of the plane, but with no one around it.  Well again according to the show creators this was not supposed to highlight the fact that they never actually survived the plane crash but just to give a recap over the whole series of Lost.

5/ Why are only some people healed on the island?

As Locke pointed out to Ben, the people who seem to be healed are those who have the greatest amount of faith in the Island. The unusual healing, and lack thereof, of Ben and Locke also seem to have furthered the Man in Black’s plan to kill Jacob

6/ Who built the statues and what did they mean?

This is no actual clear answers to this but ill give it a go.

To me the statues where there to let viewers know that the island had been around for many centuries, and that in the past people from different points in time had been their.  The statues had a Greek or Egyptian feel to them giving credence to my prognosis, people who have done research on the statues say that they have some affiliation to fertility, which  may go some way to explaining why mothers have trouble giving birth to babies on the island.




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