Lloyd and Steve have the last laugh with Neil, Is Leanne on to Nick’s Lies – Coronation Street News

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Leanne does her best to prepare Simon as they head off to visit Peter in prison. At the same time, Peter begs Jim for some alcohol to settle his nerves. When Leanne realise that Peter is drunk she swiftly tells him that his blown it and leaes with Simon.Suffering from alcohol withdrawal, Peter begs Jim for more booze. Jim informs Peter there’s a price to pay and he’ll find out what it is soon. As Peter promises to do whatever he wants, Jim is satisfied he’s got him where he wants him, and tells him that he will only get more booze if he arranges for Steve to visit him.


Andrea and Lloyd are horrified when Neil reveals that he has passed up the job in order to stay and win Andrea back. When Andrea then agrees to a drink with Neil so they can talk privately, Lloyd is paranoid. As Neil becomes nostalgic as he and Andrea share a drink. Will all the talk of happier family times make her have a change of heart, or will she give Neil a few home truths?. when Lloyd finally feels enough is enough he orders Neil to leave, but later in the day he spots his car parked outside the flat will Lloyd finally loose his rag.

With Neil still not getting the message he bombards Andrea with

texts and then send Pizzas to the cab office, Steve gives Lloyd some advise that he should start to play Neil at his own game.

Lloyd and Steve stake out Neil’s house from their car and are highly amused when a children’s clown they booked knocks on his door.

Meanwhile, after an unsuccessful walk in the country, Ken and Deirdre attempt to clear the air. Will they finally admit they actually missed each other while Ken was away?

Also, Leanne is incensed when Kal and Eva claim she has been unfair by accusing Nick of faking his seizures. Rubbing her nose in it, Nick mocks Leanne as she sweeps up outside the kebab shop. When Leanne lays into him, Nick feigns a dizzy spell. Kal and Sally rush to his aid as an irate Gail confronts Leanne.

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