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Jason begs Tyrone and Fiz to sort out their situation amicably rather than involving lawyers. Tyrone is tempted until Todd puts in his two-penneth and antagonises him again. Jason is left furious with Todd. with Todd looking to resolve the issue he breaks into the Tyrone Garage. The Next day when Tyrone enters the garage he is welcomed to the surprise of the cars music blaring and the lights flashing but nothing stolen. Todd later pops in to instigate that it was Tony that did it, furious Tyrone goes to see Tony.

Later, Tony tries again to put an end to the rift with Tyrone and

Fiz, so he offers them £5,000 to drop the case, but will Tyrone accept the offer.

Meanwhile, when Andrea tells Neil that she has started divorce proceedings, he threatens to take his own life. Worried that he might do something stupid, Lloyd uses Andrea’s keys and lets himself into the house to check on Neil. But when he looks through the window he spots a couple of wine glasses and candles laid out, he realises that Neil was trying to dupe Andrea into coming round by pretending he might take his own life. Disgusted, he warns Neil to stay away. However, Neil is not going down without a fight and the police soon come knocking on Lloyd’s door.

finally Andrea resorts to telling the police that Neil is the one harassing them

Elsewhere, Peter returns to prison where Jim tells him to watch his back – because of his antics, Jim can no longer supply alcohol and he’s made a lot of enemies. Later, Steve visits Jim in prison and thanks him for saving Peter’s life. Jim is thrilled to see his son, and when Steve agrees to see him again Jim is over the moon to ensure things to change Jim makes it clear to Peter that he doesn’t want Steve to find out he supplied the booze that almost killed him. Peter is dismissive, but when Peter and Clelland find their cell trashed, Peter realises Jim was behind it.

When Tracy comes to Visit he urges her to tell Steve what Jim has been up to, could Peter being putting hem self at risk

though ?

Also, Mary feels threatened by Julie muscling in on her cosy set-up with the Alahan

More on this as we have it.

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