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..Emmerdale 6988: 2014-10-02.
Also today, Zak and Lisa are shocked when bailiffs arrive and take their TV to cover Sam’s debts. Lisa attempts to help Sam with his debts but they continue to mount. An increasingly desperate Lisa does her best to find the cash. When Lisa spots an opportunity at work, she soon regrets her actions when she is caught red handed and sent home with a warning over her job. The stress is too much and starting to affect her health. Suddenly Lisa has a funny turn. The doctors immediately book Lisa into a clinic but it clashes with Belle’s visit. Lisa is anxious when Belle arrives, but Belle is enjoying her visit until Lisa says she has to go to work. Desperate to see her daughter, Lisa asks Kerry to cover while she nips home during the day, but she is unaware that Jai has spotted her leaving. Jai tells Lisa that she is fired and orders her out of the factory, but as Lisa leaves, she struggles to get her breath and collapses unseen.

..Everyone is worried for Lisa's health<br />
Shortly after Kerry finds Lisa collapsed outside the factory. At the same time, Zak tries to stall the security officers, knowing Lisa will never forgive herself if Belle leaves without saying goodbye. Soon afterwards, Kerry arrives and tells them that Lisa has collapsed, leaving Belle distraught to be returning to the centre knowing her mum’s life could be in danger.

Later at the hospital, Zak fears the worst and hates Jai for having put his wife through such stress. Will Lisa pull through?

Jai leaves Leyla gutted when he calls time on their affair because he’s so furious that she is the reason Noah knows about the

..Priya confides in Leyla.
poisoning. Alicia tries to fix Leyla up and sends an embarrassed David on a mission, but it works as Leyla is soon asked out for dinner. Leyla refuses until she realises Jai is within earshot. Will Leyla’s game-playing end in tears?

Elsewhere, Paddy has it out with an embarrassed Vanessa, reminding her of Kirin’s age, but she insists it’s legal. She’s not happy with his judgement and storms out. Vanessa later tells Kirin that she wants to give it a go as a proper couple.
They decide to let their secret romance out as they meet at The Woolpack for a public date. Everyone is stunned as they kiss in front of the entire pub.


.Emmerdale 6984: 2014-09-26..
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