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.Freddie makes it clear what he wants..
When Patrick tells Nico that Sienna has gone to stay with her aunt, Nico is worried sick and suspects there is more to it.

Rick wants his son to re-sit a year at school, so when he saves the day for Jason, it comes at a price.

Joe is suspicious about the tension between ‘jealous’ Freddie and Lindsey, but Freddie falls him by saying he is stressed due to his job at The Loft. Joe offers to let him work at the garage again, and Freddie warns Lindsey that if she doesn’t arrange a paternity test, he will tell Joe the truth.

Grace tells Sonny if he helps get rid of Big Bob, she’ll give Carmel a cash injection to help her open her own salon. Then, when suspicious Kathleen follows Sonny, she discovers a secret

.The launch takes a turn for the worse..
that could help bring him down, but does Phoebe hold the key to exposing him?

Elsewhere, when Gazza returns and threatens Rick over the money he owes, Rick worries that his family will end up suffering for his mistakes.

Also, when Carmel’s family present her with the envelope containing Grace’s cash, she is forced to face some hard evidence against Sonny. How will he get out of this one?

Freddie is shocked by the results of Lindsey’s paternity test. Later, as he mourns over Katie’s grave, Trevor joins him and

.Hollyoaks: 3949: 2014-09-11..
surprises him with the news that he and Grace are trying for a baby. Taking inspiration from their chat, Freddie goes to the garage re-launch to tell everyone about him and Lindsey, threatening to wreck the business event.

A delighted Esther finally opens her new coffee shop, ‘Esther’s magic bean’. However, she struggles to get the hang of it and spills cold coffee over Blessing. Later, could Esther’s dream be destroyed by a looming threat?

Mercedes has plenty of information to incriminate Sonny, which is given to her by Rick. Intending to record a confession about how he set up Theresa. Kathleen meets up with Sonny, but she is left in conflict when he offers her £6.000 to leave.

..Myra attacks Sonny.
When Mercedes and Phoebe hatch a plan to free Theresa, a worried Nana tries to stop them, but a determined Mercedes climbs out of the window.

Meanwhile, Theresa finds a way to get herself admitted to hospital. When Mercedes, dressed as a doctor, turns up and steals a wheelchair, Theresa handcuffs the policewoman to the bed and the pair make a run for it. But when the scheming pair get outside, Sonny is waiting for them. As he pushes the two girls into the back of the police car, he is hit over the head from behind, by Myra.

When the McQueens meet up in the village, they learn that

..Mercedes puts her plan into action.
Carmel has already picked up Kathleen-Angel from the nursery and they have gone to Dodger’s boat. At the boat, Myra turns up to try and make Carmel see that Sonny is bad news.

When everyone but Mercedes, goes to Browning’s flat, Carmel suggests that Kathleen-Angel should choose who she wants to be with. But when the child starts running to Theresa, will that be the end of it?

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