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.Hollyoaks: 3966: 2014-10-06..
The outcome of Finn’s trial causes a reaction in the village. Tony tells Sinead that he still wants her and they kiss, unaware that the teddy-cam is spying on them. When Diane comes to collect the baby bag, including the teddy-cam, she almost catches them. When Myra and Diane are arguing in the village, Matthew picks up the teddy-cam, which has ended up on the floor. Myra, noticing how heavy it is, finds the camera, complete with footage of Sinead and Tony. Will she use this information to stir up trouble?

When he finds out that Freddie is working with Big Bob, Trevor is furious. Later, Dr. Lewis tells Grace and Trevor that it’s unlikely Grace will ever be able to carry a child, even with IVF, as there is more damage to her ovary than they thought.

.Cameron and Ziggy go head to head..
Tegan tells Ziggy that Leela is not interested in him, but is that the truth?

Freddie does a deal with the devil.

When Dr. Grey gives her the opportunity to try and get her job back, Lindsey is delighted. Then, when she finds out that her sister Kim, who is at the Roscoe’s, is working at the hospital as a nurse, Lindsey is shocked. She is deeply suspicious of her sister.

While Leela and Tegan are fund-raising at the hospital, Ziggy turns up to help, dressed as a Sumo wrestler. Cameron offers to be his opponent, but the fight soon gets out of hand. Tegan pulls Ziggy away, and then presses the emergency stop button in the hospital lift, insisting that they are staying there until Ziggy forgets about Leela.

.Cameron and Leela try to confront Big Bob..
When Grace goes to see Esther and the team collapses, they go to the hospital. Meanwhile, Freddie and Big Bob are planning to steal drugs from the hospital. However, when Lindsey challenges them, and with a number of villagers now in the building, Big Bob pulls out a gun. Their plan soon turns into a life threatening, hostage situation. Grace, Cameron, Esther and Leela plan their escape route, while Big Bob plans to use Lindsey as a bargaining tool to ensure his own escape. However, for one hostage, the crisis develops into a life or death battle. When Joe goes to the hospital, looking for Lindsey, he is alarmed by what’s unfolding. When Leela and a few others manage to escape, she gets a voicemail from Tegan, saying she is trapped in a lift with Big Bob, and he has cut the power. Everyone is surprised when Leela returns and stands up to Big Bob, but he reaches for his
.Leela climbs down the lift shaft..
gun as Cameron bursts in, and the gun goes off. With the lift stuck between floors, Leela climbs down the lift shaft. Cameron manages to pull her out, as the lift plummets towards the ground, with Tegan and Ziggy. It slams to a halt, with the pair unconscious inside.

Back in the village, Phoebe makes Robbie an offer he can’t refuse.

As the dust settles after the hospital crisis, relief for the hostages is short lived.

When Patrick refuses to go to his anger management sessions, Sienna asks Maxine to go with him. She promises not to tell Dodger, and Patrick is touched when Maxine arrives.

Dr. Wilson tells Cindy that she might be bi-polar. When left alone with Jason, Cindy tells him that Holly and Dirk are trying to kill her….

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