Linda is Raped, whilst Walford feels the shock from the shooting – Eastenders News

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..Linda comforts Dean.
Albert Square’s residents are still reeling following the shooting. When Mick sends an upset Dean to Linda at The Vic in the hope that she can calm him down, Linda tries to comfort Dean but struggles to get through to him.

When Linda continues to show a maternal side to Dean, he finally starts to open up about his feelings. However, Dean is later filled with bitterness when he spots Linda sharing a heartfelt moment with her family. When the situation escalates, Dean raps Linda leaving her in absolute disbelief, the following day Linda is facing the toughest time of her life after being raped by Dean last night. She struggles to tell her family what happened, so she lets them believe that a hangover is

.Dean thanks a horrified Linda for being there for him and she is shocked at how differently he see's things..
causing her strange mood.

Later, Dean decides to text Linda to thank her for being there for him last night. When Dean then turns up for dinner, a distraught Linda is unable to cope. She rushes out into the Square, leaving the rest of the Carters shocked and confused.

Linda starts to relax when Nancy prepares a meal and they watch a film together, but she is still afraid of being left alone. Later, Linda heads downstairs and is shocked when Dean reveals his very different interpretation of recent events. As a result, Linda rushes back upstairs sobbing.

Meanwhile, Ronnie suddenly starts experiencing severe stomach pains in the midst of a row with Charlie over their situation. As Ronnie fears that she will lose the baby, she

..Charlie and Ronnie learn the sex of their baby.
begins to bond with Charlie. Fortunately, Ronnie is told by a doctor that these pains are common. Charlie offers to take Ronnie to her baby scan. When Ronnie finally agrees and they see the scan together, Dot is filled with hope that Ronnie and Charlie will become a proper couple.

Elsewhere, Nancy plans a musical bingo event for The Vic and asks Tamwar to co-host it.



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