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.Linda tells Shirley she isn't lying about the rape..
It’s Mick’s birthday, so Linda is keen for a normal day with her family before she finally reports Dean to the police. Unfortunately, the mood within the Carter clan is sour as Nancy and Lee storm out in protest when their parents continue to keep quiet over what has been going on.

While Mick is out trying to find them, Shirley arrives at The Vic to drop off a birthday gift for him and she makes it clear that she doesn’t believe Linda’s accusations against Dean.

Determined to prove that she is telling the truth, Linda describes her ordeal. Shirley leaves, but who does she believe – Linda or Dean?

Later, Mick returns to the pub and Linda decides that she can’t

.Mick and Linda arrive at the police station..
stay silent for any longer, so they both head to the police station. When she is asked to make a video statement alone, Linda feels strong enough to go ahead and Mick promises to wait for her.

At the same time, Linda’s words are playing on Shirley’s mind and she asks Dean to tell her exactly what happened that night.

Although Dean is angry that Shirley seems to be questioning his story, he later tells her his own version of events. Will Shirley believe Dean?

Linda is relieved when she finally finishes her statement, but she knows that the next challenge still lies ahead as it’s now time to tell Lee and Nancy the truth.

Although Linda and Mick are now ready to tell Lee and Nancy

.Linda tells her children the truth...
the truth, they are stopped in their tracks when they return home. The rest of the family are waiting upstairs with a goodbye lunch for Sylvie before she moves into the care home.

The meal doesn’t go well as Aunt Babe and Stan can’t resist bickering, while Nancy is still stressed over the other recent events. When Nancy finally snaps and once again demands to know the truth, Linda decides that it’s time to be honest with her and Lee. How will Nancy and Lee react to the truth?

Elsewhere, Stan apologises to Cora for his actions at the dance, but her response gives him an idea. Stan reminisces with Sylvie about the past and suggests that they should visit Bournemouth, where they spent their honeymoon. Shirley is also keen to see Sylvie before she moves into the care home and she makes two attempts to visit The Vic with Dean. The second

.Dean and Mick help Stan into the Vic.  ..
time results in Lee attacking Dean and as Mick tries to break up the fight, Babe notices that Stan and Sylvie are sneaking off into their car. Babe tries to stop them, but Stan collapses.

Dean and Mick both help Stan into The Vic following his shock collapse. Afterwards, Mick warns Dean to leave the pub but is livid when his brother warns that he’ll be back. Nancy then follows Dean and warns him to stay away.

Soon afterwards, Stan speaks to Shirley alone and urges her to fix everything. Fearing that the whole family is falling apart, Shirley decides to tell Mick exactly why she pretended to be his sister. However, as more dark secrets are revealed, it seems that the Carters will be torn even further apart.

Meanwhile, Charlie and Sharon are worried about Phil’s predicament and they desperately try to find a way to get him

EastEnders: 5000: 2015-01-19
out of trouble. After meeting up with Ritchie, Sharon warns Phil that they can’t tell the truth for the sake of the baby, as they don’t want him to grow up without a father.

Sharon tells Billy that they’ll need to sell Phil’s car to raise some money. Later, Sharon is stunned when she sees that the name of The Arches has been changed to Branning’s Autos with Max standing in the doorway! After Ben reveals what’s been going on, Sharon visits Max and tries to sympathise with him. Will Sharon’s efforts pay off?

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.Sharon is shocked to see a new sign being unveiled at the Arches. ..




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