Linda blow’s her top at Nancy, Who does Mick call to help with Linda – Eastenders

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..EastEnders: 4941: 2014-10-13.
As Nancy’s 21st birthday arrives, a fragile Linda tries her best to stay strong and organises a small family tea. However, Nancy ignores Linda’s wishes for the event to be family only and invites some of her friends over. This leaves Linda fearful that Dean will turn up.

Later, Lee is furious when he hears Dexter talking about Linda’s Page 3 modelling days. As tensions rise, Mick and Stan bring in the birthday cake along with some flowers – but Linda is dealing with terrible memories and finally snaps, screaming at everybody to get out. When the day of Nancy’s musical bingo night arrives, the Carters are preoccupied with concern for Linda. Mick makes a call to someone asking for their help, but who does he trust to get to the bottom of the situation?

..Elaine greets Dean.
Linda’s mood brightens when Elaine (Lindas Mum), Nancy and Johnny all sing a song together at the pub, but she becomes scared when Dean arrives at the pub. She makes her way upstairs but becomes angry when she walks in on Dexter and Nancy kissing on the kitchen table. Elaine manages to calm the situation and when Mick takes Dexter downstairs, will Linda finally tell her mum the truth?

Meanwhile, Roxy asks Aleks to move in with her when they return from their holiday. Unfortunately, Aleks is distracted by a text on his phone. When Aleks rushes off to work, he is confronted by his wife Marta and daughter Ineta. Aleks instructs Tamwar to take Ineta to the café so that he can speak to Marta alone, but he ends up sharing a moment of passion with his wife in the office. Later, as Ineta and Marta head off in

.Ian tells a horrified DC Summerhayes that he knows about her and Max.
a taxi, Aleks promises to meet them at their B&B. He packs his bags and posts his key through the letterbox, but where will he go

Also, Ian tells Emma that he no longer wants her help, as he now knows the truth about her relationship with Max. Later, Emma breaks down when Keeble is waiting for her at the police station, explaining that her job means everything to her. Max refuses to explain himself to Lauren and Abi now that his fling with Emma has been revealed. When it seems that Max could actually love Emma, Lauren encourages him to tell her how he feels. Later, it seems that Emma doesn’t want things to be over, but as Max leans in to kiss her, she has something shocking to tell him

Finally, Charlie helps Ronnie to clear things out of the house as

..Max tells Emma how he really feels but he is shocked by what she tells him.
she makes room for the baby. It’s clear there is still chemistry between the pair.

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