Leanne and Nick feud reaches boiling point, Gails burglar returns to the street – Coronation Street news

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.Leanne is feeling nervous when Kal suggests he brings his family round to hers. ..
Leanne tells Simon that she and Kal are now an item. Soon afterwards, Nick promotes an embarrassed Steph to Bistro Supervisor simply to upset Leanne. Alya gives Kal her blessing when he tells her about his new relationship.
The very next day when Gail turns up for work, Kal informs her that his daughter Ayla will be taking over reception duties and she will now be the cleaner.

Later in the evening Kal and Leanne have planned a night out, but it is ruined when Leanne gets a call from the Bistro to say she is needed in, as Nick has left on purpose to ruin her night. the following day things reach bolting point, when Nick goes out his way to embarrass Leanne.

..Leanne realises Nick is playing games.
Customers are then forced to leave the Bistro and the feud continues ending with Leanne quitting. When Nick later catches Leanne with Kal and his family, he takes it upon him self to let them all know she used to work as a prostitute.

..Nick menacingly tells Michael to stay away. .
Elsewhere, An excited Kylie announces that Becky has offered her and David a free holiday in Barbados, but David is left concerned about their trip when he returns home to find Michael there.

After ordering Michael out of the house, David and Kylie then take it upon themselves to visit Michael at work, where Kylie makes a scene and tells Michael’s boss that he burgled their house. Will Kylie have lost Michael his job? And how will Gail react if she finds out, Michael comes looking for Gail to let her know that she has lost her Job, Gail resorts to speaking with Steve to see if she can get him a Job at street cars.

.Todd is sacked from Street cars when Steve finds out he skived..
Nick and David go to pay Michael a Visit at the Bedsit to threaten him not to go anywhere near Gail or coronation street.

Finally, Todd is sacked from Streetcars when Steve finds out that he skived, while Izzy makes excuses to get out of spending the evening with Gary – telling Fiz that she and Gary don’t get on anymore.


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