Kylie Drug addiction is exposed, Kal flips about Garys and Ayla romance – Coronation Street

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.[/one_half]It’s family day at the community centre and a photographer has been booked to take family portraits. David and Maria work on Max and Lily’s hair at the salon in preparation for the Platts’ photo. In her jittery state, Kylie drops her last wrap. Making out she has got a nail appointment elsewhere, Kylie heads out to find Callum as she is desperate for a fix. When David confides in Eva over how worried he is about Kylie, she agrees to take him to Kylie’s old haunt, The Dog and Gun pub.

Later, Eva urges Kylie to tell David the full extent of her past drug addiction so he can help her. She warns that if Kylie doesn’t come clean to David, she’ll tell him everything herself.

At breaking point, Kylie admits to David that she tried all sorts of drugs before she met him, but now she has turned her life around and hates herself for what she’s done. Horrified, how will David react to her confession?

Despite the fact she is struggling without her drugs, Kylie does her best to make amends and goes all-out to be a good mother and wife. David remains sceptical and when Kylie’s phone buzzes with a text, he picks it up. Will it be from Callum? Later, Kylie tells David how sorry she is for hurting him. Can their marriage survive?

As David and Eva enter, they watch horrified as Kylie buys

drugs from a dealer. David follows Kylie into the loos and catches her red-handed about to take some speed. Angry and disgusted, David storms out. Eva is furious with Kylie and implores her to go after David and save her family. Forced to choose between drugs and her family, Kylie is at breaking point.

Elsewhere, when Owen unwittingly lets slip to Diane that Kevin gave her sofa to Sally, Diane insists that she and Kevin pay Sally a visit after their lunch date. Is Kevin’s lie about to be exposed?

Meanwhile, when Alya confides in Leanne that Katy reckons Gary and Izzy are getting back together, Leanne suggests it’s just wishful thinking from Katy and it’s time Alya and Gary came clean about their relationship. Gary assures Alya that he

has no intention of getting back with Izzy, but how will he react when Alya says she has decided to tell Kal about them?

As Gary and Izzy chat about Jake, it’s clear they’re getting on well. Izzy secretly hopes it could be the start of a reconciliation, but Gary has only got eyes for Alya.

Revealing that he has still got the keys to Number 6, Gary suggests to Alya that they should meet there for a secret tryst. An excited Alya and Gary sneak into Number 6 and share a candlelit supper, but just as things get steamy, Yasmeen and Kal suddenly appear. Alya is horrified.

Kal and Yasmeen stare incredulously as Alya confesses that she and Gary have been seeing each other. Unable to contain his fury, Kal lashes out and punches Gary, dragging him out onto the street. Izzy is devastated to realise what has been going on.

Leanne does her best to calm Kal down, but he is furious to realise that Leanne already knew about Alya’s relationship with Gary. Leanne tries to make Kal see that Alya and Gary’s situation isn’t any different to their own, but Kal refuses to listen and insists that Gary isn’t good enough for his daughter. Alya is gutted as Kal lays the law down, banning her from seeing Gary. Feeling terrible, can she talk Kal round?

Also, when Maria accidentally stabs herself in the eye with a mascara wand, Luke leaps to her rescue and takes her to A&E

Maria feels guilty when she realises that Luke missed out on the flat he was after as he had to take her to A&E. When Audrey advises Maria not to let Luke slip through her fingers as he’s a lovely boy, Maria apologises to Luke and suggests they go on a date.

Finally, Over at the Bistro, Sean is nervous as he and Billy have their first date. Will they be making plans for another date by the end of the night.

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